Read_452 - How Will Bitcoin Lead to More Freedom [Jim Epstein]
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"It had a big impact on May, who melded the "Other Plane" with "Galt's Gulch" from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, which was a safe haven for rational and productive people protected from government coercion and taxation by an invisible shield. Instead of the Colorado mountains, May's cyberspace Galt's Gulch would exist on the internet, with cryptography providing protective cover." - Jim Epstein

The argument between the "blockchain technology" and the "Bitcoin anarchists" happens to be a lot older than most know. Whether this is a technology that's outside the system, built to replace it, or one that is supposed to work within the system to make it faster and cheaper, can be traced all the way back to a debate between Eric Salin and crypto-anarchist Timothy C. May. What can the origins of the cypherpunk movement tell us about teh direction of Bitcoin today? Hear this amazing piece from Jim Epstein at Reason Magazine to find out!

Other great pieces to accompany this read:
The Truth About Smart Contracts by Jimmy Song
Bit Gold by Nick Szabo
Securing Property with Owner Authority by Nick Szabo
The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto by Tim May

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The Crypto Conversation
The Crypto Conversation
Brave New Coin
The Blockchain Detective - Taking on elite cybercriminals & owning them
Richard Sanders is a co-founder and lead investigator at CipherBlade, an elite blockchain investigation agency that works closely with top crypto exchanges, blockchain protocols, and the FBI. The agency uses a potent mix of on-chain and off-chain analytics and investigative techniques to track the most sophisticated cybercriminals on the planet. Guest: Richard Sanders Why you should listen: Richard Sanders and his team at CipherBlade are the 911 that the blockchain industry calls for cryptocurrency scam and hack investigations. Richard says “We'd prefer it if people came to us before they get hacked, rather than after they get hacked. We provide security audits for exchanges and high net worth individuals and can provide extensive training for companies and individuals.” Blockchain investigators use a variety of tools that allow them to visualize the blockchain. A block explorer does something similar, the difference with professional tools is they take those visualizations to the next level and significantly increases the information and attribution that can be analyzed. Richard says he is also adept at off-chain investigative skills. “Social engineering is a good example of this. I pretended to be a female gamer on Discord and that helped me identify one of the Ian Balina scammers. At the end of the day, the blockchain is the best source of data, if you can follow a set of transactions to a KYCed account on an exchange, that is the best place to start. There are some elements on the psyops side that can come into play. For example, you might look at indicators of behavior. If a person of interest has a history of speeding tickets and gambling, then those would be red flags, just as an example.” Key takeaway: Richard describes himself as a Realistic-Libertarian-Contrarian-Cyborg. Despite his intensive military background and strong working relationship with the FBI, Rich is also a cryptocurrency advocate, a staunch supporter of Monero, and a passionate believer in privacy. Richard says “I love the idea of privacy by default. As a realist, I understand that there will be an increase in diligence on people using crypto platforms and if you're making deposits you'll need to explain your source of funds. Monero has never tried to advertise using Monero for nefarious purposes. They don't need to. Privacy is a strong enough use case for adoption in and of itself. The question is, how do we have privacy by default but in the interests of public safety? We need to have this conversation as an industry so we can figure this out before governments are forced to do it for us.” The range of scammers and bad actors in the blockchain ecosystem runs the full gamut from the lowest to the highest basket of sophistication. The least sophisticated is Twitter and Telegram impersonation scammers, often based out of Nigeria. Many of these scammers don’t use VPNs, they don't always use mixers and sometimes they use direct deposit addresses for exchanges. At the other end of the scale, you have Lazarus, a very sophisticated hacking group out of North Korea that uses sophisticated mixing and crypto hopping techniques. What scammers have in common is they play on human greed, stupidity, and laziness. Richard says a significant portion of the industry is in it for the money. “There's a meme that says I'm in it for the technology but come on. It's fine to want to make money, but it gives people an unrealistic impression that crypto is a way to get rich quick and this makes them more vulnerable to these scams where people promise high returns.” It’s not just scammers that are having a negative effect on the industry. When considering the broader topic of crypto exchanges - think about what the perception is of our industry is from the outside. Exchanges get hacked left and right, scams abound, and there is a lax level of KYC and AML. Critics of crypto like to say that Bitcoin is only used for illegal activity, and while in the industry we know that is not true, it doesn't help to combat that narrative when exchanges get hacked and don't do enough to stop engaging with transactions from bad actors. In less than half an hour, Richard was able to identify several OKEx deposit addresses that received deposits from addresses associated with darknet markets. Any exchange with a simple compliance tool would pick these transactions up. Compliance professionals at compliant exchanges have access to know your transaction (KYT) tools. These tools show sending and receiving exposures, and break these down by category. If a transaction comes from a darknet market, the tool will identify this. These tools are not expensive for an exchange, they are usually charged by volume, so they are affordable for exchanges but out of the reach of individuals. Supporting links: CipherBlade Richard on Twitter Andy on Twitter Brave New Coin on Twitter Brave New Coin If you enjoyed the show please subscribe to the Crypto Conversation and give us a 5-star rating and a positive review in whatever podcast app you are using.
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The Wolf Of All Streets
The Wolf Of All Streets
Scott Melker | BlockWorks Group
Tokenizing Everything with Cyrus Fazel, CEO of SwissBorg
Cyrus Fazel first experienced the power of Bitcoin when he wanted to buy whiskey for someone in Iran. After tumbling down the crypto rabbit hole, Cyrus founded SwissBorg, a company dedicated to bringing this emerging financial revolution to the masses. According to Cyrus, decentralization is reshaping the way the world can manage and accumulate wealth. Scott Melker and Cyrus Fazel further discuss the current market conditions, discovering Bitcoin through whiskey, a 52 million dollar ICO, an inclusive hedge fund, founding SwissBorg, creating the CHSB token, DeFi rug pulls, the rules of being a good CEO, managing 80+ employees, breakdancing and Napster, tokenizing stocks, the Spotify of wealth management, absurd stable coin interest, human capital and more. --- VOYAGER This episode is brought to you by Voyager, your new favorite crypto broker. Trade crypto fast and commission-free the easy way. Earn up to 9.5% interest on top coins with no lockups and no limits. Download the Voyager app and use code “SCOTT25” to get $25 in free Bitcoin when you create your account. --- ELECTRONEUM Electroneum, has gained widespread adoption providing a mobile-first payment solution to the world's unbanked, attracting more than 4M users worldwide in less than three years. They have since launched a new freelance marketplace,, which is providing thousands of freelancers the opportunity to sell their services to buyers globally, without the need of a bank account. Learn more at --- MYBOOKIE Bitcoin is the easiest way to Bet, Win and Get paid at MyBookie. Make your first deposit with Bitcoin and MyBookie and will instantly double it up to $1,000 to add excitement to all the Thanksgiving NFL action. Celebrate the holidays with MyBookie. The exclusive home of the Crypto Rewards Program and Turkey Day Free Play. Use promocode SCOTT at and double your first Bitcoin, Lite Coin or Bitcoin Cash Deposit today. --- If you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe.This podcast is presented by BlockWorks Group. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at:
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Uncommon Core
Uncommon Core
Uncommon Core
#14: Interview with a Spartan
Today, I’m not only joined by a very special guest, but the format of this episode is highly unusual as well! I interviewed the man who goes by the name @DegenSpartan on Twitter and who is one of the biggest and most enigmatic Defi investors there is. I have wanted to have him on for a long time, but there was one problem: DegenSpartan, or DS in short, is fully pseudonymous and did not even want to have his voice known. So we looked for a solution and ended up doing a text interview instead. Then I got Patrick McCorry (@paddypisa on Twitter) to speak the part of DS in the final recording, while I spoke my own part. At this point, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who reached out to us on Twitter and offered their help to make this episode a reality. I get that this isn’t your average podcast, and you can go and read the text interview instead if you want, but I think Paddy did a fantastic job and the final product came out great. Please enjoy! Discussed in this interview: DS: Degenerate or prudent investor? How he managed to recognize (and sell) the top in Defi His approach to investing Becoming Synthetix' patient zero Why he dislikes Maker, YFI, and governance tokens in general and more! Links: Subscribe to our mailing list for transcripts and other bonus content:  DegenSpartan Hasu  Patrick McCorry (as DS):
38 min
Blockcrunch: For Global Crypto Investors | Investment Theses | Project Breakdowns  | Industry Trends
Blockcrunch: For Global Crypto Investors | Investment Theses | Project Breakdowns | Industry Trends
Jason Choi
Alpha Finance: Asia's DeFi Rocketship - Tascha Punyaneramitdee, Ep. 122
Thailand's largest commercial bank recently dipped its toes into DeFi by investing in Alpha Finance, a Binance-backed research team building consumer DeFi products. Founder Tascha (@tascha_panpan) joins me in discussing: * What is Alpha Finance? * Market gaps in DeFi today * Why levered yield farming is Alpha's first product * How Alpha decides what products to build * Thailand's growing DeFi scene Host: Jason Choi (@MrJasonChoi). This show is not financial advice; show host and guest may hold some of the assets discussed. ****** Resources: * Radix ( is the first layer-one protocol specifically built to serve DeFi. Decentralized finance applications are currently built on protocols that are not fit for purpose, leading to congestion, hacks and developer frustration. Radix changes this by introducing a scalable, secure-by-design, composable platform with a DeFi specific build environment to make it easy to build and launch scalable DeFi. Find out more at * Borrow and lend crypto at market-beating rates: * Subscribe to my essays here: ****** Musical credits: Intro track: Underground Stars by Loxbeats Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library Disclaimer: Jason Choi is an investor at Spartan Capital, the hedge fund arm of The Spartan Group. All opinions expressed by Jason and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of The Spartan Group and any of its subsidiaries and personnel. This podcast is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions.
39 min
Once BITten!
Once BITten!
Daniel Prince
Angela - A Female Boomer Shares Her #Bitcoin Story In Hope Of Inspiring Others. #92
BTC $ 19,300 Today's guest is Angela, the first female Boomer guest I have ever had on the show. I hope this episode goes a long way to helping you guys pill your Boomer friends, Aunts, uncles and parents! Lauren kicks off the interview with the big question of why Angela decided to first buy #Bitcoin. What past life experiences had helped mould Angela for #bitcoin to discover her a few decades later? Why does Angela think that #Bitcoin is the best way for her to protect her savings and build some financial freedom for her retirement? How did a tiny paragraph in a newspaper help Angela discover #bitcoin and why was the closing of her local bank the impetus she needed to take another look at it? Who has shaped Angela's thinking around #bitcoin and macro-economics? A huge thank you to Angela for coming on the show and stepping up to represent her generation and help others learn about #Bitcoin! Scroll down here to see Angela's ad with @coinfloor it's great to share with your elders! I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing. Thank you: @coinfloor @swanbitcoin for your trust and support. @adamwoodhams1 for producing the show. @jimreapermusic for creating @hodlerthanthou and the Britcoiners @twentyoneism. Shills and Mench’s: www.swanbitcoin/bitten @RealVision @RaoulGMI @michael_saylor @maxkeiser - @stacyherbert @saifedean @Obi @breedlove22 @parkeralewis
1 hr 8 min
Untold Stories
Untold Stories
Charlie Shrem | BlockWorks Group
How Crypto is Facilitating one of the Largest Wealth Shifts in History w. Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital
My guest today is Kyle Samani, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital. Multicoin Capital is a thesis-driven investment firm that invests in blockchain and crypto companies with the purpose of making capital markets more efficient and accessible to everyone, helping enable Web3.0 and data emancipation, and the integration of global state-free money. Samani is one of the leading authorities in blockchain and cryptoeconomics. Our conversation covers a wide range of topics including the possible outcomes and realities of digitization and tokenization of society, how ascribing Bitcoin to be “digital gold” is actually a limiting label, Multicoin’s investment thesis and much more.  ––– Coingaming was formed when one Australian professional poker player, who knew first-hand the importance of fun, fast and fair gaming, met two Estonian tech whizzes who just so happened to be vanguards of Bitcoin. From there, Coingaming’s ecosystem of brands and products evolved, breathing new life into the gaming industry. Now with 400+ people, Coingaming is behind some of the world’s most innovative crypto gaming brands and is on a mission to further awareness of cryptocurrencies across the globe. ––– Permission enables people to earn rewards for doing the same things online they do every day by empowering them to take back ownership of their personal data from Silicon Valley startups. People can now decide which brands and online retailers can target them with ads, and use the rewards earned for viewing them to pay for goods and services available online. Go to for a sign up bonus. ––– BITTREX GLOBAL DEFI TOKENS from BITTREX GLOBAL. Bittrex Global is offering all of Charlie's listeners the ability to trade DeFi tokens without paying trading or gas fees through the end of 2020. Bittrex Global is the safest and most secure place for you to trade DeFi tokens like Compound, Aave, Balancer and all of the rest of the top tokens. Please visit to get free trades and no gas fees now. ––– This podcast is powered by BlockWorks Group. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at
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