They Called Her "Jolly Green Giant."
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Lisa Cain has been heavy her entire life. Bullied as a kid, they called her "Jolly Green Giant." At 6 foot 2, she could never shop in the kids' section, couldn't fit into uniforms, and was told she was fat by her coach. Decades went by, and every diet failed, including weight loss surgery. Hear Lisa's story of how she finally lost 161 lbs and is no longer a "jolly green giant" but a goddess!!

Her transformation story has inspired so many people to begin their weight loss journey, and as you'll be hearing from her, her life has been completely changed.

If you look at her before and after pictures, they don't look like the same person. She looks younger and more vibrant after losing weight, and she is having a hard time getting used to her new body after being heavy her entire life.

Lisa explains the reason she thinks Code Red worked for her after all other programs, including weight loss surgery, failed is that Code Red gets to the root of the problem. Her custom program helped her understand her body better, and what types of food worked for her.

Click Play to hear Lisa’s weight loss journey and how she is inspiring other people when they see how different she is now.

Key Takeaways

  • Growing up tall and big and always having an image issue (05:28)
  • Getting bariatric surgery after hitting 360 lbs. (10:31)
  • How all weight loss programs Lisa tried failed before she found Code Red (13:20)
  • Why Code Red worked where other programs failed (18:38)
  • The AHA moment that made Lisa understand she needed something different (23:26)
  • How everything was a crisis when Lisa and her family were not eating well (24:41)
  • Having a hard time getting used to her new body (26:03)
  • Finding what's best for her in the Code Red Maintenance Program (28:00)
  • How Lisa is encouraging other people through her weight loss journey (36:13)

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