#020: Should Everyone Eat Gluten Free? The Health Impacts, Symptoms & Solutions You Need To Know About with Brigid Titgemeier, MS, RDN, LDN
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Continuing our last conversation from episode 16 with Brigid all about the imperative role our gut health plays in our overall health, mood, and well-being.

This week – we’re focusing in on GLUTEN & why so many people are experiencing improved health once going “gluten free”, the right way.

As the saying goes – “you are what you eat”. But, now we know, it’s actually more about what you “absorb” that makes you who you are.

Is gluten affecting all of us negatively, or is it just a small percentage of the population? Should we all be eating gluten free? Could you potentially be intolerant and not even know it? We answer all of your questions and more.

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  • Americans are predisposed to having increased issues & developing a sensitivity to gluten due to the “Standard American” diet and lifestyle – otherwise known as “the perfect storm” .
  • Only 50% of people with celiac disease will actually experience GI symptoms
  • The second most common symptom will be neurological – seizures, fatigue, headaches, migraine, mood disorders, cognitive decline. 
  • Other issues may include: Autoimmune conditions, skin rashes, itchiness, redness and generalized inflammation (joints and body aches).
  • Osteoporosis especially in younger people is a huge red flag for celiac disease (& it may just be the underlying cause no one is aware of.)

Should you get tested for celiac if you think you’re sensitive to gluten?

Is there benefit to putting yourself through the testing?

Or is strictly avoiding gluten enough?

– Brigid answers it all in this episode. Including the “correct way” to go gluten free. She warns us about the “HEALTH HALO EFFECT” & reminds us to remain open minded when it comes to shifting away from current food norms in order to establish a wider variety of nutrition in our daily routine.

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