50. How To Build An Internal Locus of Control
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Having an internal locus of control can change the trajectory of your day, your career, and your life to a significant degree. From reactive and uncertain to in-control and confident.   Your locus of control is somewhere on the spectrum between external (things happen to me) and internal (I make things happen).   Internal locus of control is realizing that you have choice, and then exercising the power to choose in any given moment.    Cultivating an internal locus of control is a process that requires time and practice until it becomes a habit, and eventually integrates into your personality.   In this episode, we'll explore five ways to build an internal locus of control.   --   Resources:   1) Top Executive Locus of Control and Its Relationship to Strategy-Making, Structure, and Environment   2) Develop An Internal Locus of Control   3) A Study on Locus of Control and its Impact on Employees’ Performance   4) Culture and Entrepreneurial Potential - A 9 Country Study of Locus Of Control And Innovativeness  

Hello, I’m Ernest. I'm an executive coach, and I focus on supporting innovative leaders.

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We use executive coaching and strategy facilitation to look at the impact you want to make and remove obstacles that are standing in your way. 

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