Counting Stem Cells
Dr. James L. Sherley
This podcast series reveals the understated, but long-standing, and challenging problem of the lack of an effective technology for counting therapeutic tissue stem cells. It explores a secret that has been so well kept for so long by the stem cell research and stem cell medicine disciplines that many experts fail to even understand or acknowledge that the problem exists any more. In the podcast, with moderator Jordan Rich leading the expository discussion, Dr. James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D., Director and Founder of biotechnology tools company Asymmetrex, discloses the nature of the stem cell counting problem and its widespread detrimental effects in limiting progress in stem cell research, stem cell medicine, drug development, and environmental health sciences. Dr. Sherley also describes the recent development of a solution to the counting problem. Together, he and Jordan Rich consider both the immediate impact of the new stem cell counting technology and its future vision for advancing a near era of medicine.
Counting Stem Cells
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