Core Christianity
Core Christianity
Jan 22, 2021
Will a Christian Always Experience the Presence of God?
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Episode 626 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes

1. If God knew that Lucifer was going to betray him, why did he create him in the first place?

2. Are there any biblical principles to handle conflict in marriage?

3. Should I leave my church if I disagree with the political endorsements of my pastor even though he is doctrinally sound?

4. I don’t feel spiritual enough. What feelings of the supernatural should a Christian have, like during spiritual disciplines or congregational worship? What does the Bible command and say we should experience?

5. In Matthew 27, it says that many people other than Jesus were resurrected and appeared to others. Was this a figurative or literal event?

6. Can we forgive sins or can only God forgive sins?

Help Me Teach The Bible
Help Me Teach The Bible
The Gospel Coalition, Nancy Guthrie
Mike Bullmore on 2 Chronicles (Re-release
On this episode, Nancy Guthrie talked with Mike Bullmore about what may be one of the least-studied books in the Bible. The book of 2 Chronicles is rich in story and encouragement to trust God to be faithful to his promises. Bullmore is senior pastor of CrossWay Community Church in Bristol, Wisconsin, and author of _The Gospel and Scripture: How to Read the Bible_ (Crossway, 2011). Topics include: * Why study 2 Chronicles? * How do we prepare people to understand the two histories of 2 Chronicles? * What is the purpose of 2 Chronicles? * What is the difference between 1–2 Kings and 1–2 Chronicles? * What is the divine promise 1–2 Chronicles is arguing God will be faithful to? * What is the angst of the situation in Judah? * How does the chronicler’s record of Solomon reveal his purpose in writing? * How does the theme of temple run throughout this book, and, in fact, through the whole Bible? * How is Christ anticipated in 2 Chronicles? * How should teachers bring content from the prophets into teaching 2 Chronicles? * What kind of moral instruction is in 2 Chronicles? * How do we teach 2 Chronicles 7:14 rightly? Additional audio resources : * Sermons on 2 Chronicles by Mike Bullmore * Sermons on 2 Chronicles by Richard Pratt Recommended print resources: * Word Biblical Commentary Vol. 15, 2 Chronicles by Raymond B. Dillard * 1 and 2 Chronicles, The Mentor Commentary by Richard Pratt * 1 and 2 Chronicles, The NIV Application Commentary by Andrew Hill * The Message of Chronicles by Michael Wilcock
55 min
Soteriology 101: Former Calvinistic Professor discusses Doctrines of Salvation
Soteriology 101: Former Calvinistic Professor discusses Doctrines of Salvation
Leighton Flowers : Professor of Theology, Director of Youth Evangelism for
Arminians vs Provisionism
Dr. Flowers continues his rebuttal of some good Arminian friend over the doctrine of total inability. The first video response can be found here:​ To SUPPORT this broadcast please click here:​ DOWNLOAD OUR APP: LINK FOR ANDROIDS:​... LINK FOR APPLE:​... Go to for all you software developing needs! Show them some love for their support of Soteriology101!!! To ORDER Dr. Flowers Curriculum “Tiptoeing Through Tulip” please click here:​ To listen to the audio only be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or one of the other podcast players found here:​ For more about Traditionalism (or Provisionism) please visit Dr. Flowers’ book, “The Potter’s Promise” can be found here:​... Dr. Flowers’ book, “God’s Provision for All” can be found here:​... To engage with other believers cordially join our Facebook group:​... For updates and news follow us at: www.facebook/Soteriology101 Or @soteriology101 on Twitter Please SHARE on Facebook and Twitter and help spread the word! To learn more about other ministries and teachings from Dr. Flowers go here:​ To become a Patreon supporter or make a one time donation:​
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