28 | Pratyush Rastogi, Deep Dive on Grab
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My guest today is Pratyush Rastogi (@FarrerWealth). Pratyush is the CEO & Founder at Farrer Wealth Advisors and was previously Head of Sales at Grab for Business, as well as prior experience in private equity.

Today’s conversation is all about Grab. We go deep on their business model, Grab’s history, how regulation and management affect them, and what the future may hold.


(For reference, this episode was recorded December 29, 2021)


I hope you enjoy this deep dive on Grab with Pratyush Rastogi. 


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31] - [First question] - Pratush’s background with Grab

[00:03:42] - Grab’s major aspects today and revenue drivers

[00:08:04] - Grab’s history and battle with Uber

[00:15:46] - The supply side of Grab’s business

[00:20:25] - Grab the Super App and why create one?

[00:22:38] - The scale and capital problem

[00:26:29] - Unappreciated aspects of Grab’s and culture?

[00:28:38] - Anything that people fundamentally misunderstand about Grab

[00:30:14] - Grab’s leadership

[00:34:35] - Worried about Anthony Tan’s 2.2% stake?

[00:35:47] - Grab’s story and success with Regulators

[00:37:60] - Biggest risks to Grab’s business?

[00:41:11] - Anything we haven't talked about Grab that's consequential for their future?




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