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My guest today is Shiv Sharma. Shiv is based in Singapore and is the Head of International at Stocktwits. He has previously worked a range of tech investing roles including those in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Public Equities, and Investment Banking. You can follow him on Twitter @shivsharma_5 and Stocktwits @sks986 where you can track his portfolio in real-time.

In this conversation, we cover the future of investing, the communities behind it, and the opportunities for Indian retail investors. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Shiv Sharma.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31] - [First question] - Introduction and Background

[00:03:18] - Why Shiv didn’t originally enjoy public equities

[00:04:09] - Differences between late-stage growth and public investing

[00:06:44] - Areas of growth and opportunities in public market investing today

[00:09:05] - The macro-environment and managing risk going forward

[00:12:22] - After being inside the VC bubble, challenges of investing outside it?

[00:14:07] - What should retail investors know?

[00:16:14] - Edges that retail investors aren't taking advantage of

[00:17:23] - How should retail investors find investing trends?

[00:20:57] - What attracts Shiv to public growth stocks

[00:22:19] - Will the top VC’s always have access to the best companies early on?

[00:24:22] - Where is retail investing heading? 

[00:26:14] - Communities role in investing going forward

[00:29:06] - Being anonymous vs open in communities?

[00:30:02] - Aspects of the creator economy to be excited about 

[00:33:25] - Why Shiv joined Stocktwits

[00:36:07] - Why launch Stocktwits in India?

[00:39:46] - General themes and trends in Indian equities

[00:41:16] - India and it’s unicorns

[00:43:08] - India’s strengths vs other markets

[00:47:14] - Most undervalued life experience

[00:49:32] - If Shiv was 18 again




Connect with Shiv:

Connect with Shiv on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shiv-sharma-5a610119/ 

Follow Shiv on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shivsharma_5  

Follow Shiv on StockTwits: https://stocktwits.com/sks986 




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