6 | Saket Mehrotra, Paid for Your Passion
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My guest today is Saket Mehrotra. Saket is a Senior associate at Tusk Investments handling FMCG & Pharmaceuticals for their Indian Public Equities portfolio. He also shares his thoughts on investing on his website, saketmehrotra.com, and as the host of Stock Room Sunday presented by Stocktwits. He also somehow manages to find time to contribute as a writer for Investing.com and MoneyControl.com! In this conversation, we cover trends and areas of growth in Indian Equities, his writing process, and how he converted fans online into paying subscribers.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Saket Mehrotra.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:32] - [First question] - Background and influences in investing

[00:04:37] - Indian Public Equities Strengths

[00:06:40] - Trends in Indian stocks, pockets of growth

[00:08:13] - Advantages of Retail Investors 

[00:10:53] - Situations to avoid as an investor in India

[00:14:39] - Market cap as a restriction to investing?

[00:16:41] - Saket’s decision to write in public

[00:18:53] - Saket’s information diet

[00:20:51] - How writing has affected his career 

[00:22:00] - Advice for others thinking of writing online

[00:24:18] - How he converted followers into subscribers 

[00:30:45] - Keys to building a community  

[00:32:51] - Plans for the future?

[00:34:21] - Underrated skill or experience?

[00:37:05] - [Final Question] Biggest opportunities for youth today?




Connect with Saket:

Follow Saket on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mehrotra_saket 

Visit Saket’s Website: https://saketmehrotra.com/ 

Signup to his Substack: https://betatoalpha.substack.com/ 

Connect with Saket on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saket-mehrotra-ca-cs-a898957b/ 

Saket on Stock Room Sunday presented by Stocktwits: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpbJACpazOLcwo4z2tw7hPAr36g92LK3z 




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