Communion After Dark - Episode 10/19/20
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Monday, Oct 19, 2020: Communion After Dark -- featuring the latest and best in alternative-electronic music -- spins new music from Agent Side Grinder, Diorama, HEALTH, Schwefelgelb and more. 

Mixing Music | Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Music Business
Mixing Music | Music Production, Audio Engineering, & Music Business
What is Music Production? | All the Stages and Steps of Music Production
Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the Mixing Music Podcast. In this episode, Dee Kei and Lu go over the 3 stages of the music creation process. What are the traditional and modern ways of creating music? How have home studios and music accessibility changed the game and the process? HIRE DEE KEI: HIRE LU: DOWNLOAD FREE STUFF HERE: Find Dee Kei and Lu on Social Media: Instagram: @DeeKeiMixes @midsidesound Twitter: @DeeKeiMixes Join the ‘Mixing Music Podcast’ Group: Facebook: The Mixing Music Podcast with Dee Kei and Lu is sponsored by Antares (Auto-Tune) and Lauten Audio. The Mixing Music Podcast is a video and audio series on the art of music production and post-production. Dee Kei and Lu are both professionals in the Los Angeles music industry having worked with names like Keyshia Cole, Ray J, Smokepurrp, Benny the Butcher, Sueco the Child, Ari Lennox, G-Eazy, Phresher, Lucky Daye, DDG, Lil Xan, Masego, King Kanja, Dreamville, BET, Universal Music, Interscope Records, etc. This video podcast is meant to be used for educational purposes only. This show is filmed at IN THE MIX STUDIOS located in North Hollywood, California. If you would like to sponsor the show, please email us at
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A History Of Rock Music in Five Hundred Songs
A History Of Rock Music in Five Hundred Songs
Andrew Hickey
Episode 104: "He's a Rebel" by "The Crystals"
Episode 104 of A History of Rock Music in Five Hundred Songs looks at "He's a Rebel", and how a song recorded by the Blossoms was released under the name of the Crystals. Click the full post to read liner notes, links to more information, and a transcript of the episode. Patreon backers also have a ten-minute bonus episode available, on "Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto. Tilt Araiza has assisted invaluably by doing a first-pass edit, and will hopefully be doing so from now on. Check out Tilt's irregular podcasts at and ----more---- Resources As always, I've created a Mixcloud streaming playlist with full versions of all the songs in the episode. A lot of resources were used for this episode. The material on Gene Pitney mostly comes from his page on This is My Story. Always Magic in the Air: The Bomp and Brilliance of the Brill Building Era by Ken Emerson is a good overview of the Brill Building scene. Girl Groups by John Clemente contains potted biographies of many groups of the era, including articles on both The Crystals and the Blossoms. I've referred to two biographies of Spector in this episode, Phil Spector: Out of His Head by Richard Williams and He's a Rebel by Mark Ribkowsky. And information on the Wrecking Crew largely comes from The Wrecking Crew by Kent Hartman. There are many compilations available with some of the hits Spector produced, but I recommend getting Back to Mono, a four-CD overview of his career containing all the major singles put out by Philles. Patreon This podcast is brought to you by the generosity of my backers on Patreon. Why not join them? Transcript A brief note -- there are some very brief mentions of domestic abuse here. Nothing I think will upset anyone, but you might want to check the transcript if you're at all unsure. Up to this point, whenever we've looked at a girl group, it's been at one that had, to a greater or lesser extent, some control over their own career. Groups like the Marvelettes, the Chantels, and the Bobbettes all wrote their own material, at least at first, and had distinctive personalities before they ever made a record. But today, we're going to look at a group whose identity was so subsumed in that of their producer that the record we're looking at was released under the name of a different group from the one that recorded it. We're going to look at "He's a Rebel", which was recorded by the Blossoms and released by the Crystals. [Excerpt: “The Crystals” (The Blossoms), "He's a Rebel"] The Crystals, from their very beginnings, were intended as a vehicle for the dreams of men, rather than for their own ambitions. Whereas the girl groups we've looked at so far all formed as groups of friends at school before they moved into professional singing, the Crystals were put together by a man named Benny Wells. Wells had a niece, Barbara Alston, who sang with a couple of her schoolfriends, Mary Thomas and Myrna Giraud. Wells put those three together with two other girls, Dee Dee Kenniebrew and Patsy Wright, to form a five-piece vocal group. Wells seems not to have had much concept of what was in the charts at the time -- the descriptions of the music he had the girls singing talk about him wanting them to sound like the Modernaires, the vocal group who sang with Glenn Miller's band in the early 1940s. But the girls went along with Wells, and Wells had good enough ears to recognise a hit when one was brought to him -- and one was brought to him by Patsy Wright's brother-in-law, Leroy Bates. Bates had written a song called "There's No Other Like My Baby", and Wells could tell it had potential. Incidentally, some books say that the song was based on a gospel song called "There's No Other Like My Jesus", and that claim is repeated on Wikipedia, but I can't find any evidence of a song of that name other than people talking about "There's No Other Like My Baby". There is a gospel song called "There's No Other Name Like Jesus", but that has no obvious resemblance to Bates' song, and so I'm going to assume that the song was totally original. As well as bringing the song, Bates also brought the fledgling group a name -- he had a daughter, Crystal Bates, after whom the group named themselves. The newly-named Crystals took their song to the offices of Hill and Range Music, which as well as being a publishing company also owned Big Top Records, the label that had put out the original version of "Twist and Shout", which had so annoyed Bert Berns. And it was there that they ended up meeting up with Phil Spector. After leaving his role at Atlantic, Spector had started working as a freelance producer, including working for Big Top. According to Spector -- a notorious liar, it's important to remember -- he worked during this time on dozens of hits for which he didn't get any credit, just to earn money. But we do know about some of the records he produced during this time. For example, there was one by a new singer called Gene Pitney. Pitney had been knocking around for years, recording for Decca as part of a duo called Jamie and Jane: [Excerpt: Jamie and Jane, "Faithful Our Love"] And for Blaze Records as Billy Bryan: [Excerpt: Billy Bryan, "Going Back to My Love"] But he'd recently signed to Musicor, a label owned by Aaron Schroeder, and had recorded a hit under his own name. Pitney had written "(I Wanna) Love My Life Away", and had taken advantage of the new multitracking technology to record his vocals six times over, creating a unique sound that took the record into the top forty: [Excerpt: Gene Pitney, "(I Wanna) Love My Life Away"] But while that had been a hit, his second single for Musicor was a flop, and so for the third single, Musicor decided to pull out the big guns. They ran a session at which basically the whole of the Brill Building turned up. Leiber and Stoller were to produce a song they'd written for Pitney, the new hot husband-and-wife songwriting team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil were there, as was Burt Bacharach, and so were Goffin and King, who wrote the song that *Spector* was to produce for Pitney. All of them were in the control booth, and all of them were chipping in ideas. As you might expect with that many cooks, the session did not go smoothly, and to make matters worse, Pitney was suffering from a terrible cold. The session ended up costing thirteen thousand dollars, at a time when an average recording session cost five hundred dollars. On the song Spector was producing on that session, Goffin and King's "Every Breath I Take", Pitney knew that with the cold he would be completely unable to hit the last note in full voice, and went into falsetto. Luckily, everyone thought it sounded good, and he could pretend it was deliberate, rather than the result of necessity: [Excerpt: Gene Pitney, "Every Breath I Take"] The record only went to number forty-two, but it resuscitated Pitney's singing career, and forged a working relationship between the two men. But soon after that, Spector had flown back to LA to work with his old friend Lester Sill. Sill and producer/songwriter, Lee Hazelwood, had been making records with the guitarist Duane Eddy, producing a string of hits like “Rebel Rouser”: [Excerpt: Duane Eddy, "Rebel Rouser"] But Eddy had recently signed directly to a label, rather than going through Sill and Hazelwood's company as before, and so Sill and Hazelwood had been looking for new artists, and they'd recently signed a group called the Paris Sisters to their production company. Sill had decided to get Spector in to produce the group, and Spector came up with a production that Sill was sure would be a hit, on a song called "I Love How You Love Me", written by Barry Mann with another writer called Jack Keller: [Excerpt: The Paris Sisters, "I Love How You Love Me"] Spector was becoming a perfectionist -- he insisted on recording the rhythm track for that record at one studio, and th…
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METAL UP YOUR PODCAST - All Things Metallica
METAL UP YOUR PODCAST - All Things Metallica
Clint Wells & Ethan Luck
Episode 204 - Rob and Kirk Doodles (pt. 1)
On this episode Clint is joined by Alphabetallica host, Tom Kwei, while Ethan is away on vacation to break down every Rob and Kirk doodle on the US arena leg of the World Wired tour. Clint also reads listener mail, talks Metallica recording a new album and gives an exciting update on Lunar Satan. You can pre-order the Lunar Satan limited edition vinyl and/or cassette here: LUNAR SATAN Here's a breakdown of what was discussed in this episode: - the philosophy of doodles - American vs. European audiences - production value - Stupid Girl (Garbage) - Shirley Manson - When Doves Cry (Prince) - Dan Wilson and Semisonic - the Minneapolis music scene - Le Freak (Chic) - Jungle Boogie (Kool and the Gang) - arena names - Indigenous (Things We Do) - metal tales from the road - Metallica podcasts - Dylan and Beatles podcasts - Taking Care of Business (BTO) - Arcade Fire - Springsteen and the E Street Band - Devil’s Dance and Spit Out the Bone - Tom Sawyer (Rush) - Steely Dan vs. Rush - Death Magnetic vs. Hardwired - Bob Schneider and Austin, Texas - Telephone Song (SRV) - Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) - getting the crowd on your side - Gone Daddy Gone (Violent Femmes) - Freddie’s Dead (Curtis Mayfield) - Gillette stadium - Donnie Iris (Ah! Leah!) - The Nittany Lion - American sports obsession - Just A Bullet Away - Ben Folds Five - Metalliclaus - For The Love of Money (The O’Jays) - getting into Judas Priest - Cannibal Corpse - Zero the Hero (Black Sabbath) - the album art for Born Again - Stand Up And Shout (Dio) - Rockstar the movie - Dave Matthews Band and Tom Waits If you think Metal Up Your Podcast has value, please consider taking a brief moment to leave a positive review and subscribe here: You can further support the show by becoming a patron. All patrons of Metal Up Your Podcast at the $5 level receive volumes 2-4 of our Cover Our World Blackened EP's for free. Additionally, patrons are invited to come on the show to talk about any past Metallica show they've been to and are given access to ask our guests like Ray Burton, Halestorm, Michael Wagener, Jay Weinberg of Slipknot and members of Metallica's crew their very own questions. Be a part of what makes Metal Up Your Podcast special by becoming a PATRON here: Official Website here: Purchase Cover Our World Blackened, Volume 1 here: Purchase Cover Our World Blackened, Volume 2 here: Follow us on all social media platforms. Write in at:
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Sounds of the Caribbean with Selecta Jerry
Sounds of the Caribbean with Selecta Jerry
Reggae Radio by Selecta Jerry
Sounds of the Caribbean with Selecta Jerry EP681
This weeks show starts off with classics from Johnny Osbourne, Linval Thompson, The Africans, Noel Phillips, Barrington Levy, The Revolutionaries, Sugar Minott, Vivian Jones, Gregory Isaacs, Black Roots, Junior Reid, Eek A Mouse, Ken Boothe, I Roy, Lloyd Parks, Jackie Edwards, Israel Vibration,and Peter Tosh. New music this week comes from Yashema McLeod, Kingsley Salmon, Tann I Browne, Perfect Giddimani, Rocky Dawuni, Fyah George, Clinton Fearon, Kabaka Pyramid, Busy Signal, Monkey Marc, Lin Strong, Kailash Irie, Royal Blu, The Dreamlets, Blvk H3ro, and R.esisitence In Dub with Longfingah. Also this week we ride the 3 Blind Mice Riddim featuring Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, and Tony Tuff. In The Dub Zone this week you will hear dubs from Tommy McCook, Clive Hunt and The In Crowd, Lee Scratch Perry, Principal, and Grant Dell & K-Bone. Extended dub mixes feature Johnny Clarke with King Tubby, Bobby Ellis and Val Bennet, Keety Roots, Vivian Weathers and Nga Han, Akae Beka, and Barry Isaac with Uk Principal and Peetah Sunday. Enjoy! Johnny Osbourne - Black Starliner (remix) - Roots Garden Showcase Part 1 - Roots Garden Linval Thompson - Look How Long Nyabinghi Calling You - When Jah Shall Come - Pressure Sounds The Africans - Trouble & Strife - Can’t Stop The Dread - Doctor Bird Noel Phillips - Youth Man - Jammy’s From The Roots 1977-1985 - Greensleeves Barrington Levy - Look Youthman - Greensleeves 12” Rulers: Henry Junjo Lawes - Greensleeves The Revolutionaries - Regulation 15 - Can’t Stop The Dread - Doctor Bird Sugar Minott - Give The People What They Want - Jammy’s From The Roots 1977-1985 - Greensleeves Vivian Jones & Russ Disciple - Help/Help Dub - Ethiopian King Vocal & Dub - Imperial House Music Gregory Isaacs - Border - One Man Against The World - VP Records Black Roots - Juvenile Delinquent - Black Roots In Session - Makasound Junior Reid - Hunts Bay - The Original Foreign Mind - Black Roots Eek A Mouse - Do You Remember 12” Mix - Reggae Anthology: Eek Ology - VP Records Ken Boothe - Black Gold & Green - Black Gold & Green - Trojan Records I-Roy - Red Gold & Green - Gussie Presenting I-Roy - Trojan Records Richard McDonald & Glen Brown - Realize - Boat To Progress: The Original Pantomine Vocal Collection - Greensleeves Lloyd Parks - Slaving - Screaming Target - Trojan Records Glen Brown - No More Slavery - Check The Winner: The Original Pantomine Instrumental Collection - Greensleeves Jackie Edwards - Get Up 12” Version - Can’t Stop The Dread - Doctor Bird Israel Vibration - The Same Song - Power Of The Trnity: Skelly Vibes - Ras Records Peter Tosh - Wanted Dread & Alive - Wanted Dread & Alive - Parlophone Records Yashema McLeod - Prophecy - Awakening - Stingray Records Wailing Souls - Stay Calm - Back A Yard - VP Records Black Am I - The Edge - Ghetto Youths International Kingsley Salmon - In The Ghetto - Barleyfield Records Tann I Browne - Afrika w/Instrumental - Shona Music Perfect Giddimani & Soulnation - Dumplin’ Shop - Dumplin’ Shop - Evidence Music Rocky Dawuni - Gonna Take It Easy - Voice Of Bunbon Vol. 1 - Aquarian Records Fyah George - The World Is In Trouble - Fort East Riddim - Lone Don Entertainment Clinton Fearon - Fix it - Boogie Brown Productions Toots & The Maytals - Got To Be Tough - Got To Be Tough - Trojan Jamaica Beres Hammond - One Day At A Time - 3 Blind Mice Riddim - Penthouse Records Marcia Griffiths - Lets Talk About Music - 3 Blind Mice Riddim - Penthouse Records Tony Tuff - Come Fi Mash It - 3 Blind Mice Riddim - Penthouse Records Dub Zone featuring Strictly Dubwize & Extended Dub Mixes Tommy McCook - Joe Frazier - When Jah Shall Come - Pressure Sounds Clive Hunt & The In Crowd - Mango Walk - Bad Bad Bad - VP Records Lee Scratch Perry - Cool Rockers - Black Ark In Dub - VP Records Principal - No Way Jose - Treacherous Dub - Stereo Royal Grant Dell & K-Bone - Legsman Muted Horn Dub - Legsman Records 12” Calton Coffee - Chant Away - Iroko Records 12” Johnny Clarke & King Tubby - Enter Into His Gates With Praise/This A The Hardest Version - Bunny Lee: Dreads Enter The Gates With Praise - Soul Jazz Records Bobby Ellis & Val Bennett - The Arabian Sound Of Reggae - When Jah Shall Come - Pressure Sounds Keety Roots - Simple Man/Simple Man Version - Black Legacy Records Vivian Weathers - Hangin’ On/Pull Up 38 - Jah Fingers 12” Nga Han - A Better Days - One By One Records Akae Beka - Stability/Stability Dub - Akashic Records 10” Barry Isaac - Rastafari Army - Ital Soup 12” UK Principal - Mistry Babylon/Mistry Dub - Ital Soup 12” =================================== Kabaka Pyramid - Trample Dem - Bebble Rock/Ghetto Youths International Busy Signal - Seen it Before - Strictly The Best Vol. 61 - VP Records Monkey Marc feat. Yeza, Blvk H3ro, & Turbulence - Rebel Code - Vital Sound - Digikillaz/Dubshot Records Dahvid Slur - Joy - Joy - VPal Music Lin Strong - Hype Dem - Lin Strong - Bik Band Blakkamoore - Play The Role - Upward Spiral Deluxe Edition - Baco Records Kailash Irie - Seems So Strange (Police Brutality) - Black Tears Riddim - Donsome Records Royal Blu - Without Love - Dancehall Anthems - VP Records Young Israelites - Stay By My Side - Fyah Ants Records Dreamlets - My Heart Is Crying - Happy People Records Capital 1212 feat. Earl 16 - Love Will Tear Us Apart - Happy People Records Blvk H3ro - Greetings - Dancehall Anthems - VP Records R.esistence In Dub Meets Longfingah - Come A Dance/Come A Dub - The Longfingah Attack - Evidence Music The Ugly Bass Player feat. Kava Jah - Feel No Pain - The Ugly Bass Player Blackout JA, Kandiman, Liondub and Rumble - High Grade - Liondub International George Palmer - Legalize It/Legalize It Dub - Irie Ites Records Midnight Riders & Naram - School Them - Midnight Riders Meets Naram Rhythm Section - Red Robin Records
4 hr 32 min
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