Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast - Hosted by Patrick Fitzgibbons
CJ Evolution Podcast: Microcast Monday: Lessons learned with COVID-19
May 4, 2020 · 7 min
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Hello everyone and welcome back to MICROCAST Monday. I hope you have a great day and start to your week. A big thanks to ALL the criminal justice professionals who serve and protect us every day, especially in these uncertain times. 

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I remember for years I suffered from stomach and digestive problems.

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This is why I’m a big fan of enzyme and probiotic supplementation and one of the best companies I’ve ever found that specializes in optimizing your digestion through both of these supplements are my friends at BiOptimizers. Masszymes not only contains more protease than any other enzymes on the market, it also contains 13 additional enzymes—including lipase for fat digestion—which work at every pH level from 2 to 12; in other words, at every stage of digestion.

Their proteolytic probiotic, P3-OM, uses a patented natural process to UPGRADE a well-researched probiotic strain. Now, according to Naveen Jain, billionaire, and founder of Viome — the at-home test that measures gut bacteria count— almost NO probiotics show up in people’s gut analysis.

That means 99% of probiotics out there DON’T colonize your gut as claimed. Still, research shows we NEED good bacteria to fight the bad guys.

BiOptimizers found a BETTER version for the probiotic.

The result is a new “super strain,” that they call “the Navy Seal of probiotics” — because it eliminates bad bacteria and protects the good bacteria. The P3-OM patent PROVES this strain is... proteolytic, meaning it digests protein... it’s antiviral... anti-retroviral... it eliminates pathogens and waste... and is maintainable in the human digestive system.

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Again that’s

As you head into your Monday, I want you to first and foremost be safe. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your families and communities.

Take a moment and think how you have changed during this pandemic. Hopefully, you have changed in a positive way and have developed positive habits and routines.

I know for me, I have become more patient, I listen more intently, and I have become more empathetic. I hope you have too. When we come out of this, and we will, let us not fall back into our bad habits. During this time, we have seen some unbelievable acts of kindness and most have come together as a nation to beat this virus.

We still have a long way to go, but we will get this. We will come out of this stronger and more resilient. Make sure you practice the lessons you have learned during this time.

Stay tuned for more great episodes on The CJEvolution Podcast 



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