Weekly Market Update September 16, 2020

Here is what’s happening for Real Estate in Colorado Springs for the week ending on September 13, 2020!

Homes under contract:


Homes go to closing:


Homes cancelled:


Even though the season is slowing down naturally, our market is still very healthy! Interest rates are at an ALL-TIME LOW!  Now is the time to purchase your home with payments lower than most rentals and we offer all our buyers a rebate, which puts cash back in your pocket!

When you list your home, choosing a Realtor who knows the area and the market is a good place to start.  You also want to find a Realtor who can price your home just right so you can sell it quickly.  When homes are priced too high, they are on the market longer and oftentimes require a price-reduction to generate interest again.  When a home is on the market for a long time (in Colorado Springs, a long time can be 3-4 weeks), it can also lose appeal and give potential buyers questions about the true value of your home.  A good Realtor will help make sure your home is priced fairly so you can receive your return on investment but also, get your home sold quickly.

Another reason not to price your home very high is you may end up paying more for Realtor fees.  You know the 3% fee they charge to sell your home?  You got it, the more your house sells for, the more they put in their pocket.  With City of CS Real Estate & Lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about paying more in fees.  We offer a flat listing fee of $4000* regardless of what we list your home value for.  What that means, is that we will price your home fairly and competitively and you can feel assured you won’t be gouged when you finalize your closing.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us!  We will be happy to help!

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