Weekly Market Update September 8, 2020

Here is what’s happening for Real Estate in Colorado Springs for the week ending on September 8, 2020!

Homes under contract:


Homes go to closing:


Homes with price decrase:


Our market is still very healthy! Interest rates are at an ALL-TIME LOW!  Now is the time to purchase your home with payments lower than most rentals and we offer all our buyers a rebate which puts cash back in your pocket!

I love to garden and I just love my plants.  This year, it seems winter is coming much quicker than last year.  So I have been working on winterizing my garden.  One thing that appears to unavoidable when bringing plants inside that aren’t winter hardy, is the bugs they bring with them.  Especially those pesky little gnats.  If you don’t get that under control and have other indoor plants, those bugs will breed rapidly and start making homes in your other plants.

So what do I do?  I use neem oil!  I take about 2 tbsp and mix it in a quart sprayer and soak the soil of each plant with it.  Then I get some decorative rocks, like river rock and pack those rocks on top of the soil as tight and close to each other as possible.  This will help to keep your plants healthy and bug-free all winter long!  You can find neem oil just about any place that sells plants, like Lowes or Walmart.

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