How to Eliminate Product Quality Fade For Your eCommerce Brand with Sajag Agarwal of Movley
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Sajag Agarwal is a former seven-figure Amazon seller and the current Founder of Movley. In 2015, he grew his first ecommerce brand to $2 million a year in less than two years. But, after his business was plagued with quality control problems, Sajag decided to move to China, where he visited factories and performed his own inspections. He discovered that good inspections would have identified almost all of his manufacturing defects before shipment. With this in mind, Sajag founded Movley to help brands manufacturing overseas build better products through on-the-ground quality control inspections.

In this episode…

The bane of any ecommerce brand is quality fade: when the quality of products from a supplier suddenly goes downhill after a few orders. When this happens, a brand’s return and warranty claim rate skyrockets and they lose the valuable trust of their customers.

Unfortunately, product quality fade is a common problem for many ecommerce brands. This is typically because of high rates of bribery and fraud in the product inspection and quality control process, as well as a lack of human connection between sellers and suppliers. So how can you eliminate product quality fade and protect your ecommerce brand today?

Listen to this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, hosted by Joshua Chin and featuring Sajag Agarwal, the Founder of Movley. Together, they talk about how to eliminate product quality fade when sourcing products from China, what to look for during product tests and inspections, and the lessons Sajag learned from his wealth of ecommerce supply chain experience. Stay tuned to catch all the details.

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