Get Your Book Done
Get Your Book Done
Sep 21, 2020
042 Don Awalt: Stepping into the Uncomfortable Zone
32 min

Stop holding back from taking a step out of your comfort zone. If you reflect on any previous times you’ve done so, you’ll realize that you were likely met not with fear, but rather with excitement! It is the time before you actually take that step out of the “comfortable zone” that is the scary part. As an author, you can easily get stuck in that space inside and keep your book trapped inside of you forever.  If you want to go from thinking about writing your book to actually writing it… this episode is for you. Today Christine interviews Don Awalt, author of The Uncomfortable Zone. 

In this episode, Christine and Don discuss:

  • The mindset difference between a published author and an unpublished author…
  • What exactly the “comfort zone is,” and how to step beyond it…
  • The value of giving yourself time to find the true message inside…
  • How to break through the fears that hold you back so you can write…
  • And so much more! 

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About Don:

Don Awalt is an author, coach, and public speaker who is dedicated to helping corporate professionals become independent and create their own company – breaking free from the shackles of employment – in order to live the life they desire. 

In his book “The Uncomfortable Zone” he reflects on how to overcome the fear many or us face when making a change, even when we know the change is for the better. His many years as an accomplished Business Analyst for multi-billion-dollar companies ultimately led to this calling. He too has faced, and overcome, the fear to leave a well-paying job and set out on his own. In his book and training he teaches how the anxiety of change is normal, and how to break through this fear so that you too can live life on your own terms!

Connect with Don Awalt: 


Don’s Book: The Uncomfortable Zone: Breaking the Barrier Between You and Your Dreams

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