Get Your Book Done
Get Your Book Done
Aug 31, 2020
039 Iman Aghay How to Inspire Your Audience Through Public Speaking
33 min

Have you always thought that public speaking (in person and virtually) was something that was never meant for you? The guest today just might change your mind. Take a listen as Iman Aghay gives us insights into conquering our fear of public speaking by simply telling stories instead. It’s not about selling something to someone, but rather about inspiring someone and creating a vision of what people can achieve in their lives. As a transformational author, using speaking to impact and inspire more lives is essential.

In this episode, Christine and Iman discuss:

  • How to inspire people to take action to make a shift in their lives
  • Understanding that public speaking can feel as easy and natural as a one-on-one conversation
  • How to overcome any fears you have of “getting it right”
  • Essential tips for getting started in public speaking
  • And more!

About Iman Aghay: Iman has authored several books, not only solo books but also several anthologies. Since the age of 23, he has been using the power of speaking to help him grow his business, but he’s done so from a background where he was the most unlikely public speaker.  Iman suffered from a stutter and a severe lack of confidence in using spoken words to communicate as a result, and also considers himself an extreme introvert. His TEDx talk is one of the worlds top rated speeches.    

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