Ep.032 What to Do When Your Brain is Being a Jerk
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#032 – You could be the most productive student ever, with the world’s smartest study strategies, but if your brain is being a jerk and your mind is full of negative thoughts, you’re gonna make zero progress.

Your mindset is SO important for your studying success. It’s the gatekeeper to your progress so if your brain is being a jerk then it’s a no-go for tackling that to-do list.

In this episode, I’m going to uncover the misconceptions around your brain and thought processes. You’ll learn why we think and what our negative thoughts actually mean. And you’ll walk away with 6 awesome strategies for overcoming negative thinking so you can go from ‘brain is being a jerk’ to ‘in control and feeling positive’.

By understanding what’s going on in your brain when you’re thinking negatively, you’ll be able to take back the reins, stop the spiral, and direct your focus to thoughts that make your studying (and life) easier.

To get the links and shownotes for this episode, head to: https://chloeburroughs.com/episode32

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