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CHP-141-The History of Tea Part 2
Nov 29, 2014 · 44 min
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Laszlo continues his 10-part series introducing the history of tea in China from ancient times to the modern age.  This time the focus is on the 7th to 9th centuries during the Tang Dynasty.  Tea by now has been transformed from a medicine to an enjoyable and inspirational beverage. 


Charen 茶人  Tea Person

Shen Nong  神农  Shen Nong, the Divine Farmer

Sui Wendi  隋文帝  Founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty

Sui Yangdi 隋炀帝  Wendi's son, a man of many excesses

Fuchai  夫差  King of the Wu State

Han Gou  汗垢  The Han Canal

Jin Dynasty  晉朝  The Jin Dynasty

Tang Taizong  唐太宗  Tang emperor Taizong

Cha Ma Gudao  茶馬古道  The Ancient Tea Horse Road

Cha  茶  Tea

Tu  荼  Former name of tea before the Tang Dynasty

Gong Cha  貢茶  Tribute tea

Qingming 清明節  The Qingming Festival

Biancha  边茶  Border Tea

Qiang  羌  The Qiang people 羌族

Baojianpin 保健品  health products

Zhang Qian  张骞 Western Han adventurer and diplomat

Shu yu niao zhi lu  鼠与鸟之旅  The road of mice and birds

Wencheng Gongzhu  文成公主  Princess Wencheng

Songzan Ganbu  松赞干布  Songstan Gampo

Suyoucha  酥油茶  Tibetan buttered tea

Qionglai  邛崃  Tea town outside of Chengdu

Ya’an  雅安  Tea town outside of Chengdu

Wenchuan  汶川  Tea town outside of Chengdu

Leshan  乐山  Tea town outside of Chengdu

Saicho 最澄  Japanese Monk

Emperor Saga  嵯峨天皇  Emperor Saga of Japan

Mt. Hiei  比叡山  Mountain near Kyoto where the Enryakuji is located

Tiantai Buddhism 天台宗  The Tiantai sect of Buddhism

Eisai  栄西 Song era Japanese monk

Cha Jing茶经 The Classic of Tea

Dezong Emperor  德宗帝  The Dezong Emperor

Lu Tong  卢仝  The great poet and bon vivant

Qi Wan Shi 七碗诗 Seven Bowls of Tea

An Lushan  安禄山  Rebel Leader who launched a rebellion from 755-763

Yangxian Zisun Cha  阳羡紫笋茶  Yangxian Purple Bamboo Tea

Yue qi  越器  Yue ware from Yuezhou near Shaoxing

Xing ware  邢窑  Xing ware from Hebei


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