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CHP-134-The Song Emperor Huizong Part 3
May 10, 2014 · 50 min
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We continue on this episode examining the second decade of Huizong's reign.  The good times lasted about twenty years but all good things can't go on forever.  By 1120 Huizong is going to begin to see the handwriting on the wall.  The years we look at today will the years Huizong later on most regrets.


Huizong 徽宗 Song Dynasty emperor who reigned 1100-1127

Zhezong 哲宗 7th Song emperor, older brother of Huizong

Empress Dowager Xiang 向太后 Empress of Emperor Shenzong

Tang Xuanzong  唐玄宗 Tang dynasty emperor, ruled at the peak of the Tang  

Ming Taizu 明太祖 Also Known as Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋 and the Hongwu 洪武 Emperor

Liu Hunkang 劉混康  Great Daoist master. b. 1035, d. 1108

Yelü Abaoji 耶律阿保机 Founder of the Liao Dynasty

Xixia 西夏  The Western Xia, a Tangut empire that ran 1038-1227. Located south of Liao and west of Song China

Nuzhen 女真 Jürchen

Khitan Liao 契丹辽代  The Khitan Liao Dynasty

Shenzong 神宗 6th Song emperor, father of Huizong

Cai Jing 蔡京 Northern Song official, played a major role in Huizong's reign.  One of the greatest calligraphers of his day.

Zeng Bu 曾布 Junior Chief Councillor and trusted advisor to Huizong as soon as he became emperor.

Wang Anshi  王安石 Reformer during Shenzong emperor

Tong Guan 童贯 Great eunuch general and close advisor to Huizong

Liang Shicheng 梁师成 Highest ranking of the palace eunuchs, exercised a great amount of control of and access to Huizong.

Wang Laozhi 王老志 Daoist Master during Huizong's reign

Wang Zixi  王仔昔 Daoist Master during Huizong's reign

Lin Lingsu 林灵素 Daoist master who conceived the Divine Empyrean sect of Daoism.  Huizong was his benefactor and supporter.

Laozi 老子

Zhuangzi 庄子

Liezi  列子

Huangdi Neijing  黄帝内经

Yao 尧

Shun 舜

Duke of Zhou 周公

Prince Huan 桓王

Chanyuan zhi meng 澶渊之盟 The Treaty of Chanyuan

Yan Yun Shiliuzhou 燕云十六州 The 16 Prefectures

Li Cunxu  李存勖 Founder of the Later Tang Dynasty

Hou Jin 后晋 The Later Jin Dynasty

Zhao Kuangyin 赵匡胤 Founder of the Song Dynasty

Zhao Liangsi 赵良嗣  Liao defector who early on suggested the Song ally with the Jin against Liao.

Wanyan Aguda 完颜阿骨打 Jin Dynasty Founder, also known as Jin Taizu 金太祖

Wang Fu 王黼  A Grand Councillor under Huizong. Major proponent to ally with Jin against Liao

Haishang zhimeng 海上之盟  The Alliance on the Sea (between Jin and Song)

Shi Jingtang 石敬瑭 Founder of the Later Jin Dynasty who gave the Sixteen Prefectures away to the Liao in 938

Yanjing 燕京 Capital of Yan Prefecture, located in and around present day Beijing.

Fang La  方腊 Rebel leader of the short-lived but critical Fang La Rebellion

Wanyan Wuqimai 完颜吴乞买 Younger brother of Aguda, also known as Jin Taizong 金太宗

Liao Tianzuo  辽天祚  Last emperor of the Liao Dynasty

Zhang Jue 张觉 Jin defector who defected to Song and tried to cut a deal with the court.


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