CHP-228-The Seven Great Singing Stars of Shanghai Part 3
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We finish off the series on the Seven Great Singing Stars of Shanghai by examining the lives of the three remaining women, Li Xianglan, Yao Li and Zhou Xuan. Yao Li sadly passed away only a month ago on July 19. I hope you enjoyed this little three-part overview covering the lives of many of these early 20th century singers and musicians who gave us this amazing sound that's still enjoyed by millions around the world. Check the links below or search for any of the seven stars introduced. Their music is freely available all over the internet and on Spotify.

New Books in Political Science
New Books in Political Science
Marshall Poe
Heather Lende, "Of Bears and Ballots: An Alaskan Adventure in Small-Town Politics" (Algonquin Books, 2020)
Heather Lende was one of the thousands of women inspired to take a more active role in politics during the past few years. Though her entire campaign for assembly member in Haines, Alaska, cost less than $1,000, she won! But tiny, breathtakingly beautiful Haines—a place accessible from the nearest city, Juneau, only by boat or plane—isn’t the sleepy town that it appears to be: from a bitter debate about the expansion of the fishing boat harbor to the matter of how to stop bears from rifling through garbage on Main Street to the recall campaign that targeted three assembly members, including Lende, we witness the nitty-gritty of passing legislation, the lofty ideals of our republic, and how the polarizing national politics of our era play out in one small town. With an entertaining cast of offbeat but relatable characters, Of Bears and Ballots: An Alaskan Adventure in Small-Town Politics (Algonquin Books, 2020) is an inspirational tale about what living in a community really means, and what we owe one another. Heather Lende has contributed essays and commentary to NPR, the New York Times, and National Geographic Traveler, among other newspapers and magazines, and is a former contributing editor at Woman’s Day. A columnist for the Alaska Dispatch News, she is the obituary writer for the Chilkat Valley News in Haines and the recipient of the Suzan Nightingale McKay Best Columnist Award from the Alaska Press Club. Her previous bestselling books are Find the Good, Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs, and If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name. Lende was voted Citizen of the Year, Haines Chamber of Commerce, in 2004. Her website is Dr. Christina Gessler’s background is in American women’s history, and literature. She specializes in the diaries written by rural women in 19th-century New England. In seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary, Gessler also writes poems about small relatable moments, and takes many, many photos in nature. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr 5 min
The China in Africa Podcast
The China in Africa Podcast
Laos and the Chinese Debt Crisis in Africa
The small, impoverished land-locked Southeast Asian nation of Laos is a focal point of China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative and also emerging a case study in how Beijing is handling a burgeoning debt crisis in the country. Just as in a number of African countries, Laos is increasingly unable to repay the massive infrastructure loans that it borrowed from China to build badly-needed infrastructure including railways and power transmission. But there are some interesting experiments going on in Laos that might shed some light on how China plans to handle some of its debts in Africa. Specifically, a debt-for-equity swap with the country's state-owned power company could be an option that is employed in places like Kenya where the government is already behind on some of its loan payments. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Research Assistant Professor Kelly Wanjing Chen has been closely following the debt crisis in Laos and published a paper on the topic this fall. She's also an expert on Chinese debt financing in the global South. Kelly joins Eric & Cobus to discuss the Chinese debt crisis in Laos and whether there are any lessons that can be applied to what's happening in Africa. JOIN THE DISCUSSION: Facebook: Twitter: @eolander | @stadenesque | @mostfamouskelly SUBSCRIBE TO THE CAP'S DAILY EMAIL NEWSLETTER FOR JUST $3 FOR 3 MONTHS. Your subscription supports independent journalism. Subscribers get the following: 1. A daily email newsletter of the top China-Africa news. 2. Access to the China-Africa Experts Network 3. Unlimited access to the CAP's exclusive analysis content on Try it out for just $3 for 3 months:
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