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CHP-135 The Song Emperor Huizong Part 4
Jun 1, 2014 · 57 min
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In this final installment of the history of the life and times of the emperor Huizong we look at the series of events that followed the Jürchens' Seige of Kaifeng in 1126-1127.  What followed was the Jingkang Incident that for centuries, made Chinese bow their heads in shame.  The entire Song imperial family was captured and sent north to live out the rest of their lives in the harsh lands far beyong The Great Wall.  But the Jin conquerors did not destroy the Song. The Zhao family continued to keep the dynasty alive in the south.


Huizong 徽宗 Song Dynasty emperor who reigned 1100-1127

Qinzong 欽宗 Last emperor of the Northern Song, son of Huizong

Prince Huan 桓王 Qinzong's title before becoming the emperor

Wolibu 斡离不 Son of Jin Dynasty founder Aguda

Bozhou 亳州  City in northern Anhui

Empress Zheng 郑氏 Wife of Huizong

Tong Guan 童贯 Great eunuch general and close advisor to Huizong

 Zhu Mian 朱勔 One of Huizong's most trusted officials...mainly responsible for Huizong's Marchmnount Park.

Xixia 西夏  The Western Xia, a Tangut empire that ran 1038-1227. Located south of Liao and west of Song China

Wanyan Nianhan  完颜粘罕 Top general in the Jin army

Wanyan Aguda 完颜阿骨打 Jin Dynasty Founder, also known as Jin Taizu 金太祖

Wang Fu 王黼  A Grand Councillor under Huizong. Major proponent to ally with Jin against Liao

Liang Shicheng 梁师成 Highest ranking of the palace eunuchs, exercised a great amount of control of and access to Huizong.

Cai Jing 蔡京 Northern Song official, played a major role in Huizong's reign.  One of the greatest calligraphers of his day.

 Zhenjiang 镇江 City in Jiangsu on the Yangzi, famous for their vinegar (among other things).

Zhao Gou 赵構 Ninth son of Huizong and founder of the Southern Song Dynasty, ruling as the Gaozong 高宗 Emperor.

Lin'an 临安 Where present day Hangzhou is of the Southern Song

Prince Chen 谌王 Qinzong's heir (but he never got to reign)

Fang La  方腊 Rebel leader of the short-lived but critical Fang La Rebellion

Zhang Jue 张觉 Jin defector who defected to Song and tried to cut a deal with the court.

Zhang Bangchang 张邦昌 Qinzong official. Jin forced him to be a puppet emperor but he remained loyal to the Song.

Shi Jingtang 石敬瑭 Founder of the Later Jin Dynasty who gave the Sixteen Prefectures away to the Liao in 938

Shi Chonggui  石重贵 Successor to Shi Jingtang but was taken into captivity by the Liao

Qin Gui 秦桧 Court official served Qinzong first and later Gaozong. Yue Fei's death was blamed on Qin Gui.

Zhending Near Shijiazhuang 石家庄. One of the stops along the way for Huizong.

Yanjing 燕京 Prefecture near modern-day Beijing

Cai Tiao  Son of Cai Jing. Accompanies Huizong into captivity and wrote an account of the journey

Cao Xun Wrote an account of the fall of Kaifeng and the trip by Huizong into captivity.

Empres Zhu Qinzong's empress - committed suicide in 1128

Siping 四平 City in Jilin where the Jon Supreme Capital was located.

Yilan County 依兰县 In central Heilongjiang, where Five Nations Fort was located.

Wuguocheng 五国城 Five Nations Fort

Yue Fei 岳飞  Hero and general of the Song who fought the Jin hard to win back lost territory.

Jin Zhong Bao Guo  尽忠报国 Serve the country with the most loyalty

Huan Wo He Shan 还我河山 Return my rivers and mountains! Yue Fei's demand to the Jin.

Lin Lingsu 林灵素 Daoist master who conceived the Divine Empyrean sect of Daoism.  Huizong was his benefactor and supporter.

Yao 尧  One of the Five Mythical Emperors (五帝)

Shun 舜 One of the Five Mythical Emperors (五帝)

Fang La  方腊 Rebel leader of the short-lived but critical Fang La Rebellion

Wanyan Wuqimai 完颜吴乞买 Younger brother of Aguda, also known as Jin Taizong 金太宗 



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