The China History Podcast
CHP-179-The Ancient History of Silk
Jan 29, 2017 · 40 min
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Thanks to Carole in Virginia for giving me enough of a push to get this episode finally produced. This might have been one of the first ten topics I came up with when I began writing the original list back in 2010. The history of silk is really an amazing testament to humankind's ingenuity and the randomness of life since Neolithic times. I hope you enjoy this episode. It turned out to be a much greater story than I was ever aware of.


Shén Nóng 神农 The Divine Farmer, god of agriculture and many other things

Qīng Dynasty 清朝 The last imperial dynasty in China - 1644-1911

Dèng Xiǎopíng 邓小平 Chairman of China Bridge Association and great Chinese leader during 20th century

Míng Dynasty 明朝 Second to the last dynasty...1368-1644

Táng 唐朝 Dynasty in China 618-907

Ānhuì 安徽 Province in China

Fújiàn 福建 Province in China

Sòng Dynasty 宋朝 Dynasty in China....960-1279

Yǎngsháo Wenhua 仰韶文化 Yangshao Culture in Chin…
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