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CHP-138-Sir Edmund Backhouse Part 2
Jul 24, 2014 · 37 min
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Fast on the heels of Part 1 of this CHP overview of the life of the Sinologist Sir Edmund Backhouse, we present Part 2 in this episode. We'll look at the years 1911 to 1924, the years Backhouse committed a bunch of frauds and established himself in London and Beijing as a bit of a flake and someone not to be trusted.


Yongle Dadian 永乐大典 The Yong Le Encyclopedia

Jiajing Emperor 嘉靖帝 The Qing Jiajing Emperor

Wang Xizhi  王羲之 China's greatest calligrapher

Jin Dynasty  晋朝 The Jin Dynasty 265-420 AD

Tang Taizong 唐太宗 Co-founder of the Tang Dynasty, also known as Li Shimin 李世民

Lantingji Xu 兰亭集序 The Preface to the Poems Collected from the Orchid Pavilion

Zhi Baobuzhu huo  纸包不住火  Paper Can't wrap a fire (impossible to keep a secret)

Liang Shiyi 梁士诒 Yuan Shikai's finance minister, a high-up guy in the Beiyang Government

Li Yuanhong  黎元洪 three times president of the Rep. of China.

Duan Qirui  段祺瑞 Premier of China 1916-1918 and major military and political figure

Yongzheng Emperor 雍正帝 The Yongzheng Emperor, son of Kang Xi 康熙 and father to Qianlong 乾隆

Gansu 甘肃 Province in West China


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