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CHP-144-The History of Tea Part 5
Dec 20, 2014 · 44 min
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The History of Tea continues with Part 5.  In this episode Laszlo looks at tea in the Ming dynasty.  This is when loose leaf tea, Jingdezhen and Yixing tea pots hit the big time.



Mocha  抹茶 Ground tea in powder form (also written 末茶)

Cai Xiang  蔡襄  Great calligrapher and tea expert from the Northern Song

Huizong  徽宗  Last emperor of the Northern Song

Myoan Eisai  明菴荣西  Japanese Monk

Zhao Kuangyin  赵匡胤  Founder of the Northern Song

Jin  金朝  The Jurchen Jin Dynasty

Yuan dynasty  元朝  The Mongol Yuan Dynasty

Doucha  斗茶  To have a tea battle

Chaoqing  炒青  The pan frying method of stopping enzymatic oxidation

Zheng He  郑和  Famous eunuch admiral who made seven voyages

Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋  Ming Dynasty founder

Liu Bang  刘邦  Han Dynasty founder

Ming Taizu  明太祖 Temple name of Zhu Yuanzhang

Hongwu  洪武  Era name of Zhu Yuanzhang

Zisha  紫砂  Purple clay

Jingdezhen  景德镇  Jingde Town in Jiangxi Province, named after Zhenzong’s Jingde Era

Zhongguo  中国  China

Qin Shihuang  秦始皇  The First Qin Emperor

Qin Dynasty 秦朝  The Qin Dynasty

Xinping    新平 Ancient name of Jingdezhenm

Changnan  昌南  Former name of Jingdezhen

Zhen  镇  A town or township

Shi 市  A city or municipality

Cun  村  A village

Nanchang  南昌  Capital of Jiangxi Province

Lake Poyang鄱阳湖 Lake Poyang

Zhenzong  真宗 The Zhenzong Emperor

Zhushan   珠山 Pearl Hill near Jingdezhen

Liu Yiqian 刘益谦Shanghai billionaire pharmaceutical magnate and antiques collector

Chenghua Emperor成化帝Ming emperor who reigned 1464-1487

Gaiwan  盖碗 A lidded tea bowl

Huacha  花茶 scented flower tea

Huizong 惠宗  Final Yuan Dynasty emperor

Da Ming Yongle Zhi   大明永乐制  Made in the Ming Yongle Era

Cha Lu茶录 Tea treatise written by Cai Xiang

Zhu Quan 朱权 Son of the Hongwu emperor, younger brother to Zhu Di.

Cha Puof 1440  茶谱 The Tea Treatise by Zhu Quan

Gu Yuanqing顾元庆 Wrote the other main tea treatise of the Ming dynasty

Cha Puof 1541  茶谱 The Tea Treatise by Gu Yuanqing

Zhu Di 朱棣 Son of the Hongwu emperor, later reigning as the Yongle Emperor.

Xing ware  邢窑  Xing ware from Hebei

Yue ware  越器  Yue ware from Yuezhou near Shaoxing

He cha喝茶  To drink tea

pin cha品茶  To sip tea

Zhu cha  煮茶  To boil tea

Pao cha 泡茶brew tea by steeping

Shanxi 山西  Province in China, capital at Taiyuan

Shaanxi  陕西  Province in China, capital at Xian

Jin斤  A “Chinese pound”, about 500 grams or 1.1 lbs.

xi cha  洗茶  To wash or clean tea leaves

Yixing  宜兴  City in Jiangsu formerly known as Yangxian

Lu Tong卢仝  writer of the poem “Seven Cups of Tea.”

Dehua   德化   City in central Fujian

Yang hu养壶to raise the teapot

gongfu tea  功夫茶 / 工夫茶  Gongfu Tea

pinmingbei  品茗杯   A small teacup for sipping tea

chahe  茶荷   a scoop used to transfer tea to a pot

chapan  茶盘  A Tea tray

Princess Wénchéng文成公主  brought nutritional benefits of tea to the Himalaya’s 

Wanli emperor  万里帝  The long reigning Wanli Emperor 1563-1620


THE SPIRIT OF TEA, a book and traveling exhibition by tea lover and photographer Matthew London. 


This here’s the link: signup for your chance to win a signed print. 



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