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CHP-143-The History of Tea Part 4
Dec 13, 2014 · 45 min
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This time in History of Tea Part 4 we continue along the timeline and look at tea in the Song Dynasty.  Tea may have been brought to great heights during the Tang but during the Song.


Lu Yu  陆羽  Lu Yu, writer of the Classic of Tea

Kukai  空海 Japanese Monk, among other things introduced tea to Japan

Saicho  最澄  Japanese monk also helped introduce tea to Japan

Emperor Saga  嵯峨天皇  Emperor of Japan 806-809

Chama Gudao  茶马古道  The Ancient Tea Horse Route

Zhao Kuangyin  赵匡胤  Founder of the Northern Song

Kaifeng  开封Capital city during the Northern Song

Mocha  抹茶  Ground tea in powder form (also 末茶)

Diancha  点茶  To whisk tea

Cai Xiang  蔡襄  Great calligrapher and tea expert from the Northern Song

Hūizōng  徽宗  Last emperor of the Northern Song

Limao  礼貌  etiquette, politeness

Wang Xizhi  王羲之  303-361, Jin Dynasty calligrapher, considered China’s greatest calligrapher

Cai Jing  蔡京  Hūizōng’s right hand man for many years  Also a great literary talent

Lantingji Xu  兰亭集序 Wang Xizhi’s great work. Preface to the poems composed at the Orchid Pavilian

Su Shi  苏轼  Also known as Su Dongpo, famous official, man of letters and Hangzhou hero

Huang Tingjian  黄庭坚  Great literary figure from the Song

Mi Fu  米芾  Great literary figure from the Song

Su, Huang, Mi, Cai  苏黄米蔡  The four great Song calligraphers

Quanzhou  泉州  Historic port city in Fujian

Fuzhou  福州  City in Fujian

Renzong  仁宗  Song Emperor 1022-1063

Ouyang Xiu  欧阳修 Song Statesman and all around literary powerhouse

Cha Jing  茶经  The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu

Cha Lu  茶录  Tea treatise by Cai Xiang

Doucha  斗茶  To have a tea battle

Mingzhan  茗战  Tea Wars or tea battle

Jian ware  建窑  Jian ware

Tuhao zhan 兔豪盏  Rabbit fur

Daimao zhan  Tortoise shell design

Zhegu ban   Partridge feathers design

You di  油滴  Oil drops design in Jian ware

Yue qi  越器  Yue ware from Yuezhou near Shaoxing

Xing ware  邢窑  Xing ware from Hebei

Qingbai  清白 White porcelain of the Song

Wulong  乌龙茶  Oolong tea

Zhenzong  真宗 Song Emperor 997-1022

Shenzong  神宗  Song emperor 1067-1085

Ya’an  雅安  City west of Chengdu with a rich tea history

Han Wudi  汉武帝  Grest Han Dynasty conquering emperor

Tang Taizong  唐太宗  Tang emperor Taizong (Li Shimin)

Wang Anshi  王安石  The great Song era reformer

Kaimen qījiàn shi  开门七件事  The Seven Necessities of Living

Chan Buddhism  禅宗  Better known as Zen Buddhism

Master Xiangmo  降魔藏  Chan Master Xiamngmo of Lingyan Temple on Mount Tai

Lingyan Monastery  灵岩寺Chan Buddhist Monastery on Mount Tai

Taishan  泰山 Mount Tai near Jinan

Daguan Chalun  大观茶论  Song Hūizōng’s Treatise on Tea

Silver Needle 银针茶 Silver Needle White Tea

Long Life Eyebrow  寿眉茶Long Life Eyebrow White Tea

Tribute Eyebrow  贡眉茶Tribute Eyebrow White Tea

White Peony  白牡丹  White Peony Tea

Zhenghe County  政和县  County in northern Fujian

Fuding   福鼎  City in northern Fujian near the Zhejiang border

Guihuacha  桂花茶 Osmanthus Tea

Myoan Eisai  明菴栄西  Japanese Monk


Longfeng Tuancha 龙凤团茶  Dragon Phoenix Tea Cake

Wuyi Shan  武夷山The Wuyi Mountains in Fujian

Tieguanyin 铁观音 Iron Buddha Oolong tea

Yan cha  岩茶  Rock Tea of Wuyi Shan

Shaqing  杀青  To “kill the green”

Chanong  茶农 Tea Farmer

Da Hong Pao 大红袍茶  Big Red Robe Tea

Tie Luohan  铁罗汉茶  Tie Luohan tea

Bai Ji Guan  白鸡冠茶  Bei Jiguan Tea

Shui Xian  水仙茶 Shui Xian Tea

Ba Xian 八仙茶  Ba Xian Tea

Rou Gui 肉桂茶Rou Gui Tea

Zheng Yan Tea  Wuyi Rock tea from the mountain summit

Ban Yan Tea  Wuyi Rock tea from midway up the mountain

Zhou Tea  Wuyi Rock tea from the river banks

Nantou南头  City in Taiwan

Jiayi   City in Taiwan

Hualian  花莲City in Taiwan

Zhu Yuanzhang   朱元璋 Founder of the Ming Dynasty, a.k.a. The Hongwu Emperor.

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