The Tourist
PJ Harlow
“The world is not the same place I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s”, says blogger & environmental health coach, PJ Harlow. “Sometimes I can’t believe what’s happened, & then I look at my own life, my health & my family’s, then it really resonates. I feel like a tourist now, awakening to a different planet, in more ways than I want to accept.” Is this real life, is your reality real? What once was taught & thought as truth, now needs to be unpacked & re-examined to innerstand our toxic environment, it’s role in the rise of chronic illness, & the future for our kids, our body, mind & spirit. PJ arrives educated, yet ready to expand. Her persona is approachable, sobering & often warmly sarcastic as she draws legitimacy from her personal stories, research & knowledge. Providing a compassionate & engaging space, her interviews are more like reunions with her relevant guests. Her conceptualizing charisma surfaces these often stigmatic, yet essential topics that more than anything, PJ wants advocacy, recognition & solutions for. Listen to connect, discover, and relate as we all seek our truths, in her empowering template of living healthy & well, The Tourist.
The Tourist
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