Orkz vs Death Guard (Campaign #4!) - Chill Team #9
Play • 1 hr

In #9, we bring a new battle report furthering the story in our campaign. Joe's Death Guard kill team, Nurglingz With Attitude, are still on the hunt for the Genstealers, having shaken off the initial sabotage attempt of the Raven Guard Kill Team Flavourtown. 

Barrettz Boyz (Orkz) have managed to stop the Genestealers in their tracks, but there hear something up ahead. So they do the only thing they know how to do. They go to try and kill whatever it is making that noise.

Listen along to the battle as it plays out, and hear the insight and tactics behind every move.

Next week, on #10, well... you can hear that announcement at the end of this episode. 

The teams for this match are as follows:     Orkz: Leader - Da Hamma - Gretchin Combat - Skull Krusha - Boss Nob Veteran - Fragbad - Kommando Demolitions - World Killa, Son of Worldkilla - Ork Boy Burna Boy Fire Team - Blockrotz, Flamespitta Ork Boy Fire Team - Bonesplitta, Urlak, Zarknutz, Draknog, Dragnash (New Recruit) Kommando - Spleenrippa   Death Guard: Leader - Chief Greef - Plague Champion Heavy (Lvl 2) - The Notorious R.O.T. - Plague Marine Gunner Combat - Travis Rott - Plague Marine Fighter  Demolitions - Plague Marine Gunner (New Recruit) Plague Marine Fire Team - Rich The Curdled, 50 Scent
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