Episode 138 - Going To War With Yourself
Play • 46 min

Chewy discusses the book “The 33 Strategies of War” by Robert Greene and the concept of going to war with yourself.

We use the concept of “going to war with yourself” to help with combating laziness, accomplishing your goals, making better life choices, and taking chances.

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BJJ Mental Models
BJJ Mental Models
Steve & Matt Kwan
Ep. 113: Jiu-Jitsu for Total Beginners, feat. Jeff Shaw
This is it: the ultimate onboarding package for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Jeff Shaw, co-owner of Bellingham BJJ and host of Dirty White Belt Radio, joins us to tell absolute beginners what they need to know about Jiu-Jitsu.  If you're looking to start BJJ, or you're introducing someone to BJJ, play this episode. Topics discussed in this episode: * How to introduce the brand new student to Jiu-Jitsu * What to look for in a gym/instructor * How to identify red flags with a gym/instructor * How to onboard new students * Critical concepts for beginners * Techniques vs. concepts * How BJJ is different from other martial arts * How John Danaher pronounces "rodeo" * How to talk about butts.  Buttocks?  Bum?  Ass?  Hindquarters? * How to avoid alienating students * The most effective pro wrestling finishers in BJJ * BJJ etiquette: dos and don'ts Mental models discussed in this episode: * Principles Over Techniques https://bjjmentalmodels.com/principles-over-techniques/ * Controlled Breathing https://bjjmentalmodels.com/controlled-breathing/ * Form to Leave Form https://bjjmentalmodels.com/form-to-leave-form/ * Theory of Alignment https://bjjmentalmodels.com/alignment/ * Making Smaller Circles https://bjjmentalmodels.com/making-smaller-circles/ * Prevention Over Cure https://bjjmentalmodels.com/prevention-over-cure/ * Marginal Gains https://bjjmentalmodels.com/marginal-gains/ * Train With Purpose https://bjjmentalmodels.com/train-with-purpose/ IMPORTANT: BJJ Mental Models needs your help. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the future for Steve and Matt is uncertain.  Our gyms are closed, our income is impacted, and we need your help in order to continue providing free content.  We've started a Patreon where you can support BJJ Mental Models.  Please help us keep the lights on so we can keep your game sharp during this once-in-a-century crisis.  Link here: https://patreon.com/bjjmentalmodels/ Need more BJJ Mental Models? Get tips, tricks, and breakthrough insights from our mailing list: https://bjjmentalmodels.com/join/ Get nitty-gritty details on our mental models from the full database: https://bjjmentalmodels.com/database/ Let them know you're an educated grappler with our merch: https://bjjmentalmodels.com/store/ Get the latest BJJ Mental Models updates from Facebook: https://facebook.com/bjjmentalmodels/ Music by Enterprize: https://enterprize.bandcamp.com/
1 hr 6 min
E206: Marcus Leoni :Tren, Permanence and Morality
Join us for this week's episode of RX’D Radio where Dr. Jordan Shallow is joined by Marcus Leoni for a rather deep and introspective chat about drugs, politics, morality and the meaning of life. Marcus is a Powerlifter and member of the Hybrid Performance team down in Miami, Florida. The duo discusses everything from Tren to “the weeds”, and the differing moral considerations behind recreational and performance-enhancing drug use. Outlining some of their experience within the strength and coaching industries, we are given insight into the often poor choices that are made surrounding the use of PEDs, and some considerations to make prior to partaking. Touching on political and religious views, the conversation takes a deeper turn towards the meaning of human existence. Shallow and Marcus discuss Nihilism, the caveats to this belief and what this means for the greater purpose of human existence. At the end of the day the boys bring it back to the choices you can make to forge better human connection, create greater impact in the world around you and leave a mark on human history. Marcus’s Media: Instagram: @marcus.leoni Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list for the upcoming release of RX’D Programming! For other strength training, health, and injury prevention resources, check out our website, YouTube channel, and Instagram. For more episodes, subscribe and tune in to our podcast. Also make sure to sign up to our mailing list at www.pre-script.com to get the first updates on new programming releases. You can also follow Dr. Jordan Shallow and Dr. Jordan Jiunta on Instagram!
1 hr 24 min
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