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Chat With Traders
Feb 27, 2020
189: Best of Risk Management, Pt. 2
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Welcome back, as we continue from where we left off last time—here's the Best of Risk Management, Pt 2. Again, this is a compilation of highlights from past interviews, all of which are applicable to managing risk and staying in the game.

My hopes in compiling this 'best of' episode is that you'll have a go-to reference for anytime your risk controls require attention, as well as drawing your focus to a few episodes that may have gone unnoticed. If you'd like to hear the full interview with any guest featured, you'll find the link in the show notes:

Michael Covel's Trend Following
Michael Covel's Trend Following
Michael Covel
Ep. 912: Shannon Polson Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
What does it take for women to succeed in a male-dominated world? At age nineteen, Shannon Huffman Polson became the youngest woman ever to climb Denali, the highest mountain in North America. She went on to reach the summits of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Kilimanjaro and spent more than a decade traveling the world. Yet it was during her experience serving as one of the Army’s first female attack helicopter pilots, and eventually leading an Apache flight platoon on deployment to Bosnia-Herzegovina, that she learned the lessons of leadership that forever changed her life. Where did these insights come from? From her own crucibles of experience—and from other women. In the The Grit Factor, Polson made it her mission to connect with an elite pack of tough, impressive female iconoclasts who shared with her their candid stories of combat and career. This slate of decorated leaders includes Heather Penney, one of the first female F-16 pilots, who was put on a suicide mission for 9/11; General Ann Dunwoody, the first female four-star general in the Army; Amy McGrath, the first female Marine to fly the F/A-18 in combat and many more. These women led at the highest levels in the most complicated, challenging, and male-dominated organization in the world. Now when positive role models of women leading are needed as never before, Polson brings these voices together, sharing her own life lessons and theirs with storytelling flair, keen insight, and incisive analysis of current research. Bio: Shannon Huffman Polson served as one of the first women to fly the Apache helicopter in the US Army. In addition to her military service, she is the founder of the Grit Institute and speaks frequently on topics related to leadership, courage, resilience, and grit.
51 min
The AlphaMind Podcast
The AlphaMind Podcast
Steven Goldstein & Mark Randall
Annie Duke: 'How To Decide' - That's Where The Money Is!
There are a host of different factors which lead to great trading and investing performance, but at the end of the day, we live and die by the quality of the decisions, we make. It is ‘Where the Money Is!’. Our ability to make good quality decisions in financial markets is heavily compromised by our inability to be truly objective in the face of the extreme complexity, uncertainty and randomness. What we think is the best decision in the moment, doesn’t necessarily yield the best outcome. The world of Poker provides some great examples of how to make decisions in situations characterised by complexity, uncertainty and randomness. Our guest this week, Annie Duke, is a former professional poker player and world champion. Annie authored the brilliant ‘Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts’, and has a new book out called ‘How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices’. Annie believes that we can all become better at making good decisions, and that this ability can increase our odds of success in the financial markets. In this interview we explore these themes with Annie, some of the topics touched upon include:  •      Identifying and dismantling our hidden biases. •      Extract the highest quality feedback from the markets.  •      Accurately identifying the influence of luck in the outcome of your decisions. •      When to decide fast, when to decide slow, and when to decide in advance. •      How to make decisions that more effectively help you to realize your goals and improve your performance.  •      How to better manage your emotions and reduce their undue influence in your decision-making process.  We are pretty sure you will find Annie’s reflections extremely valuable. You can find out more about Annie at
1 hr
Swing-Trading the Stock Market
Swing-Trading the Stock Market
Ryan Mallory
Trading Real Money in the Stock Market
A lot of people get their start in the stock market paper trading, but does paper trading do anything to really help you understand whether you are a a good or bad trader or whether you have a healthy understanding of the overall dynamics of the stock market? Ryan Mallory takes on a 19 year old's question about transitioning from paper trading to trading real capital as well as his aspirations for becoming a full-time trader.  Be sure to check out my Swing-Trading offering through Patreon that goes hand-in-hand with my podcast, offering all of the research, charts and technical analysis on the stock market and individual stocks, not to mention my personal watch-lists and regular updates on the most popular stocks, including FAANG stocks, Microsoft and Tesla. This is provided each and every week! Check it out now at: 📈 START SWING-TRADING WITH ME! 📈 Click here to subscribe: — — — — — — — — —  💻 STOCK MARKET TRAINING COURSES 💻 Click here for all of my training courses: - The Winning Watch-List — - Patterns to Profits — - Get 1-on-1 Coaching — — — — — — — — — —  ❤️ SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL 📺 Click here to subscribe: 🎧 LISTEN TO MY PODCAST 🎵 Click here to listen to my podcast: — — — — — — — — —  💰 FREE RESOURCES 💰 Trading Tools: My Website: — — — — — — — — —  🛠 TOOLS OF THE TRADE 🛠 Software I use (TC2000): — — — — — — — — —  📱 FOLLOW SHAREPLANNER ON SOCIAL MEDIA 📱 INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: STOCKTWITS: *Disclaimer: Ryan Mallory is not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser before making any decisions.* --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
24 min
Stock Market Buy Or Pass? Jose Najarro
Stock Market Buy Or Pass? Jose Najarro
WHY IS TESLA STOCK UP? TESLA EARNINGS Q3 2020 (TSLA STOCK PRICE) TIME TO BUY TESLA STOCK? OR TIME TO SELL TSLA STOCK? SIGN UP FOR WEBULL !! FREE STOCKS!!: PATREON: DISCORD GROUP!! Support the Channel: Twitch: Twitter: WHY IS TESLA STOCK DROPPING? Tesla stock after hours, TSLA stock price is currently all over after reporting its TESLA earnings report.  I am considering if I should buy TSLA Stock. This is an TSLA stock analysis based on recent TESLA stock news. Most information can be found in TESLA Investors Relations. Too Late to buy TESLA Stock? This is a look at TESLA 2020 Earnings, TSLA Earnings. TESLA Stock Price Today might be a bit overvalued to some. Some of the questions I want to answer What are the best high growth stocks to buy OCTOBER 2020? what growth stocks to buy OCTOBER 2020? What Cheap Stocks to buy? What are good top growth stocks to buy?  Top Stocks to Buy Now -------------------------------------------------------------- DISCORD GROUP!! Youtube: Jose Najarro Stocks & Star Wars  *Disclaimer: All content provided in any of my Social channels/videos/post/podcast and any other sort of communications are for entertainment purposes only. Talk to a financial adviser before making any decision*
15 min
How to Trade Stocks and Options Podcast by
How to Trade Stocks and Options Podcast by
Christopher M. Uhl, CMA
🆕 Trading ETFs 👉 How To Start Investing In ETFs And Build Passive Income!
You can find out more about trading ETFs you need to check out: This video is showing trading ETFs but also try to cover the following subject: -how to start investing in ETFs and build passive income -trading with ETFs Something I discovered when I was looking for info on trading ETFs was the absence of appropriate details. Trading ETFs nevertheless is a subject that I understand something about. This video for that reason should matter and of interest to you. Our YouTube channel has various other related videos regarding how to start investing in ETFs. Please check them out: Have I responded to all of your questions about trading ETFs? Individuals who looked for how to start investing in ETFs also searched build passive income. My Name is Christopher Uhl and I'm an Award-Winning Trader, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, Speaker, and Coach that partners with entrepreneurial traders and everyday investors looking to get ahead around the world to help them change their financial futures. Follow these steps to get started on your journey to becoming a 10 Minute Trader too! Step #1: Get the 100% FREE secret weapon that investors all over the world are using to start changing their financial future here: Step #2: Want to See How We Use Artificial Intelligence To Get Win Rates As High as 90%, Without Wasting Any Time on Useless and Obsolete Technical Analysis... Go Right Now to and see for yourself how they take the guesswork out of trading! Step #3 Do you have the premier options, trading broker? If you have any other broker, I want you to stop and go to right now. I have an incredible offer for you, just sign up for a FREE account with Tastyworks using offer code 10MINUTE and I will give you nearly $1,500 in FREE bonuses just for creating a FREE account! It doesn't get any easier than that! Step #4 This Is The BEST Charting Platform I've Ever Used, Get 15% (or more!) Off Your First Year! TRENDSPIDER - The Future of Trading Software Step #5 Get A FREE Copy Of The Book I Use As My Business Plan To Grow From Zero to Seven Figures... Expert Secrets - Find Your Message, Build A Tribe, And Change The World... For more information please visit:
28 min
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