Third Step Towards Career Happiness: Take Action
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It’s only through action that our lives will change. “When you walk on the way, the way appears.” This is my favorite quote by the poet, Rumi.

When we have big dreams, it can seem intimidating at first and we don’t even know where to begin. I share with you how we can start to take one small action towards our goals and eventually achieve big dreams.

In episode 15 (, I talked about how my mom laughed at me when I decided to pursue my childhood dream of writing a book and get it published in South Korea. One of the things she said was, “Who is going to publish your book?!” In this episode, I share with you how setting the intention and taking action to achieve my dream led to me meeting one of the most famous writers from South Korea, and how my book ended up getting published by one of the best publishers in the country.

1. Dream Big and Start Small.

2. Follow your curiosity, not your passion.

3. Give yourself the permission to do things that makes you happy and brings you joy even if it has nothing to do with your career right now.

4. Action lessens fears and grows confidence.

5. Share your ideas, goals and dreams with others.

6. Set the intention and commit to it, then you will start to see opportunities you would have otherwise never seen.

This is the third episode of the 3-Step framework that I use to coach people out of jobs they hate and into careers they love. This framework has been proven effective in transforming careers and the lives of many professionals. If you haven’t yet listened to the first step, How to Gain Self-Awareness (, and the second step, Overcome Internal Obstacles(, I highly recommend you listen to them first. It would be helpful for you to listen to them in order.

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I’d love to hear from you about what actions you are taking to get one step closer to your dream! Send me a message 

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