How to Turn ‘No’ into ‘Yes’
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One of the hardest part about pursuing our dreams is dealing with rejections, and persuading other people to give us a chance.

The most difficult aspect of writing my book was that I had to convince successful and therefore very busy people to meet with me and give me a chance to interview them.

I got more rejected trying to write my book than I had ever been until that point in my life. But I was persistent. I tried and tried until people said yes.

It took a lot of cold calling, stalking, and flying to random places to meet and convince people I wanted to interview. If I had given up after the first, second, or the third rejection, my book would never have been published. Eventually, they all met with me not once but many times and became my greatest supporters.

You will hear about some creative and crazy things I did to try to meet and convince people I wanted to interview, and how I turned a No into a Yes, and eventually achieved my childhood dream of writing my book. (Original broadcast date: July 21, 2019)


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