The Cartel Hour
The Cartel Hour
Dec 9, 2020
Cartel Hour by Cask Cartel 33: The Blending Playground - Barrell Spirits with Will Schragis
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How does one describe Will Schragis? Part boyish tinkerer, part spirits nerd’s sprits nerd, part whiskey professor, part world class writer of love letters to his craft. How would one describe Barrell Spirits? Well...the kind of company that would hire Will Schragis.


Barrell with two Ls is the kind of company the craft spirits industry needs at its forefront. A wild sense of exploration coupled with a desire to create something never done before that borders on reckless abandon. Kids in a whiskey candy shop that are guided not by marketing or profit margins, but by their own palettes. The kind of mad scientist genius that is both polarizing and invigorating, and no matter what the outcome, always discussion worthy.


Minute for minute I can't think of another episode that you will learn more from with a more knowledgeable person about one of the most interesting blending companies that exists. 


Click on any of the following links to purchase the spirits. Here is a full list of what we drank:

Barrell Spirits Rye


Barrell Bourbon Batch 24


Single Barrel Bourbon Barrel 7C11


Barrell Infinite Barrel Project


Barrell Dovetail


Barrell Barrel Strength Batch 1


Shop all Barrell Spirits Products on Cask Cartel:

Learn more about Barrell Craft Spirits:

You can always find us at for additional information on the podcast, and of course, you can visit for America’s largest online premium spirits marketplace.


Follow us on social media @CartelHour where you can find information about upcoming episodes, and live tastings at The Infusery.


And speaking of those live tastings, for those living in or visiting the Los Angeles area that truly are intrigued, if you’re interested in drinking along with us, we would love to have you to come enjoy an evening at the Infusery to drink through a carefully selected assortment of spirits. We offer custom flights and have a robust library of over 750+ spirits to choose from. And you get to drink with Seth and I, pick our brains, learn a ton, and generally have a blast. Visit for more information.


And, if you’re a spirits brand that would like to be featured on the podcast, please visit


Thank you everyone for listening and remember to drink responsibly, and in good company.

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