The Cartel Hour
The Cartel Hour
May 20, 2020
Cartel Hour by Cask Cartel 16: Number Juan Tequila with Ron White and Alex Reymundo
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Wednesday September 17th 1986. The day that Ron White and Alex Reymundo met in the world of comedy. Two Texans that started a friendship that would go beyond standup and into the world of Tequila. In fact, as far as I can tell from hanging out with these guys, the only thing that has changed is Ron’s signature scotch has been replaced with that tequila. Otherwise, they are about fun and the endless party.


And what better spirit to celebrate that than tequila. Ron and Alex tell the story of how they stumbled upon a small family distillery down in Jalisco and seven years ago formed a partnership that brought that tequila to drinkers in the United States. Their tequila Number Juan is, as they put it: water, agave, and love.


This was an absolute blast of an episode, and why wouldn’t it be, considering we got to drink the Blanco, Reposado, and Extra Anejo with one of the Latin Kings of Comedy and Mr. Tater Salad himself. We got to hear stories of their very first drinks, their old comedy road trips, and behind the scenes blunders and triumphs of building their brand Number Juan to where they are today. Ron lit up his first Davidoff Winston Churchill cigar on the video version of the podcast, so what a way to kick off our very first episode recorded start to finish on the cameras which you can find on YouTube here:

Click on any of the following links to purchase the spirits. Here is a full list of what we drank:


Number Juan Blanco


Number Juan Reposado


Number Juan Extra Añejo


And don’t forget to check out the other things mentioned on the podcast:


Number Juan Tequila Quarantine Concert Series:


Learn more about Number Juan Tequila:

You can always find us at for additional information on the podcast, and of course, you can visit for America’s largest online premium spirits marketplace.


Follow us on social media @CartelHour where you can find information about upcoming episodes, and live tastings at The Infusery.


And speaking of those live tastings, for those living in or visiting the Los Angeles area that truly are intrigued, if you’re interested in drinking along with us, we would love to have you to come enjoy an evening at the Infusery to drink through a carefully selected assortment of spirits. We offer custom flights and have a robust library of over 700+ spirits to choose from. And you get to drink with Seth and I, pick our brains, learn a ton, and generally have a blast. Visit for more information.


And, if you’re a spirits brand that would like to be featured on the podcast, please visit


Thank you everyone for listening and remember to drink responsibly, and in good company.

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