06: Bill Wooditch | 100 Million Dollar Man - WSJ Bestselling Author - Speaker
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In this episode Bill shares his journey from punching holes in wood for $3.25 an hour after high school to owning a company that does $100 million dollars in sales annually.  Along they way, he shares tips and tools on motivation and how to deal with rejection and why leaving a legacy is so important. 

Bill shares how her he went from working in a factory making $3.25 after high school.  It was in that moment he saw his future and new he wanted to become more.

How to overcome being a slow learner.

Bill dishes on how he hated sales.  Didn’t want to sell.  But sales was the only job available.

Driving to work in his mom’s station wagon, Bill developed this belief:  Activity rules success.  He started making 350-400 sales calls a day on an old rotary phone.

His level of success changed when he started to take interest in the person across from him instead of just trying to make a sale.

Bill’s divulges how he overcame his fears of selling.  Rejection is part of the process on the way to success.

Dan asks to Bill to help him overcome his fear of rejection.

How to take the sting of failure and use it as a tool for you growth.

What are you willing to endure to succeed?  How do you burn your boats so there is no way back?

From working in his garage alone to having over 200 employees.

Dan and Bill talk about the power of visualization and how it is an essential tool to success

They both share how they are big fans of Carol Dweck’s book Mindset.

How reading great books and applying the life lessons to your life will lead to transformation.

Dan talks about how he mistook applause and adoration for love.

Bill reveals how his goals went from earning money to leaving a legacy and where he needs to fail more in is life.

Dan reveals the things he wants in his life every day.

Dan asks Bill, “What it feels like to have enough money to never have to work again?”

Dan and Bill talk about mentorship and how helping people achieve something starts to feel better than achieving it yourself.

The shockingly low number of people in Bill’s company that have read his book which is a guide to success in his company. 

The puzzling reason why don’t people take action.

Bill’s favorite quote: “Make todays hurdle to greatness tomorrows bar of expectation.”

Links from the Show

Bill Wooditch’s Website



Fail More: Embrace, Learn, Adapt to Failure as a way to Success by Bill Wooditch



Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck



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