02: Matt Beals | Air Force Fighter Pilot and 4x Crossfit Games Athlete
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Matt Beals is a former Air Force fighter pilot and the youngest fighter pilot in Desert Storm. He taught and trained fighter pilots for over 25 years and was also a solo stunt pilot for the famous Air Force Thunderbird demonstration team and performed at over 250 shows across the United States. If that's not enough, he’s also a 4x Crossfit Games athlete. In this episode we discuss how to win the war against nerves and anxiety and the most effective ways to prepare for a successful mission whether it’s in life or in a $60 million jet flying at 700 miles per hour at night while fighting the Iraq Air Force. Matt shares easily applicable strategies he learned as a fighter pilot and how he applies them to his life to achieve success and happiness.

On this episode...

What prompted Matt to become a fighter pilot? Was it a clear calling? Or was it that he just didn’t want a desk job?

In the ultra-competitive quest to become a fighter pilot, Matt shares what are some of the differentiators he observed between those who make it and those who don’t.

How Matt and Dan use visualization as a tool that helped them achieve their biggest successes.

Matt takes inside the cockpit as his first mission in Desert Storm and his step by step check list that helped him Calm the Beast and how you can apply it to your life.

Matt shares his role as a fighter pilot in his overall squadrons mission. “Flying out first and looking for a fight…”

Matt dishes on the tools and habits to conquer any mission in life.

Dan’s listens in jaw-dropping amazement as Matt shares what it was like taking on enemy fire in the dark skies of Iraq and how Matt kept alive.

The place where most people get stuck in life when trying to accomplish their “mission” and how to overcome it.

The concept of fight like how you train.

Matt shares his belief that if you’re going to do something – why not do it the best you can.

How motivation will fail you, but tools, strategies and planning never will.

The guys wax poetic on the impact of social media and how comparing yourself to others is the thief of joy.

Dan and Matt debate whether people are born with a skill or can it be acquired.

Matt shares his favorite book, Science of Getting Rich, and surprisingly Dan has never heard of it.

Captain Matt Beals Air Force Thunderbird Stunt Pilot Video

Science of Getting Rich

Matt’s Channel 4 KITV Interview

Matt Beals Crossfit Games Athlete

Matt Beals on instagram

Show notes at https://calmthebeast.libsyn.com/

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