The Gladiator Way
The Gladiator Way
Sep 10, 2019
07: Jordan Harbinger | The Larry King of Podcasting - Communication & Social Dynamics Expert
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In this episode Jordan Harbinger, the “Larry King of Podcasting,” recounts his journey – from losing everything when his business was pulled out from underneath him and having to start over to, 18 months later, triumphantly rising back to the top.  Jordan also shares the top tips and strategies he’s learned from interviewing some of the most successful people on earth.  

Jordan shares how he lost everything in a contract dispute with his partners and had to start over at ground zero with nothing.

How to stop freaking out, push through uncertainty and fear and get back to action. 

Jordan’s favorite saying, “Action ends suffering.” How moving forward in any direction is better than being stuck and isolating.

The benefit of narrowing down the focus and doing the most important thing first.

Is Dan Nitro Clark Steven Segal with a better haircut?

Dan shares how he was broke and couldn’t find a job after American Gladiators

How to overcome the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Jordan and Dan discuss if it’s easier to have success and lose it or never having success at all?

How your friends and network can save you in downtimes if you invest in them and provide value to them.

How Jordan went from zero podcast downloads to 6 million downloads a month in 18 months

Jordan’s texting tip that takes 3 minutes a day that will help you cultivate your network.

How getting fired may be the best thing that can happen to you as much as it sucks right now.

Dan shares the most important thing he learned from having a heart attack and nearly dying.

The guys discuss why some people make it back from a setback and others don’t.

How to get over the fear of asking for help.

Dan and Jordan discusses if it’s possible to change someone?

Dan breaks down in tears as he shares the heartbreaking story of not being able to change his little brother who died from alcohol related issues and how it makes him feel like a failure.

How to learn from the pain and find new purpose.


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