The Gladiator Way
The Gladiator Way
Sep 17, 2019
08: Jen Widerstrom | NBC’s Biggest Loser Coach - Bestselling Author - American Gladiator
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In this episode Jen Widerstrom, bestselling author, TV star known for her big-hearted training style on NBC’s Biggest Loser shares the secret sauce behind personal transformation and why some people succeed and others struggle.

Jen tells the story of how she got to Los Angeles to star on the reboot or American Gladiators and how that lead to her breakout role on NBC’s Biggest Loser.

Jen shares her belief that weight gain is always a byproduct of something else going on in your life. Losing weight is not easy but there are ways to make it easier for yourself.

Dan and Jen provide tips on how she stays grounded in a busy-busy world.

Jen reveals how she discovered she was staying so busy as a way to distract herself from facing her fears.  It’s easy to help other than to help ourselves.

Jen thought she was strong and fierce but realized she was blaming others and being a victim.

Dan and Jen discuss how change can only happen when the pain to stay the same becomes great then the pain of changing.

Dan shares how his self-value is so fragile and perhaps that’s what makes him valuable.

Jen reveals how she was diminishing parts of herself in her love life as a way of being accepted and how that led her to attracting lesser men.

How Jen learned to show up in her full brilliance to attract the right person.

The 3 key steps to personal transformation.

Is obesity that one kind of discrimination that is still allowed?

Jen’s daily routines and her non-negotiables.


Links from the Show

To Be Coached by the Amazing Jen Widerstrom click here

Jen Widerstrom’s website

Jen’s #1 Bestselling Book - Diet Right for Your Personality Type: The Revolutionary 4-Week Weight Loss Plan That Works For You.


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