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Productivity Tips to Help You Master Your Time from Dr Shannon Irvine
Nov 2, 2017 · 45 min
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Today on the show I am joined by Dr Shannon Irvine, productivity business achievement mentor and founder of not-for-profit Mosaic Vision.

She is the founder of Mosaic Vision, a non profit that serves AIDS orphans in rural Uganda Africa. The mission of Mosaic Vision is to restore the lives of AIDS orphans. Dr Irvine is also a Phd in Psychology with an emphasis in neuro-psychology and neuro-plasticity. She uses her credentials to help the orphans in Uganda thrive.

Dr Irvine is also a business mentor who loves helping others master their thoughts, habits, emotions, and schedules to live the life and business that honors God and their priorities.


In this episode:

  • The business journey for Dr Irvine and the lessons learnt
  • How she juggles being a successful business owner, charity founder and a mother
  • Why cookie cutter systems may not always be the best fit for you
  • Why getting an outside view of your business is important
  • How to create the work and life balance that you want by understanding how your brain works
  • Importance of seeking out the right mentors for your personal development
  • Why you need to know how you are ‘wired’ and what are you superpowers
  • How to measure your time spent in checking our emails and social media account
  • Planning the night before for the three things to do the next day towards your big goal
  • The steps to take to reducing the amount of time you spend checking your email
  • Identifying that email is other people’s priorities, and not yours
  • The physical impact on our brains of having notifications constantly interrupting our thinking
  • Putting systems in place to protect yourself from yourself
  • The impact her charity work in Mosaic Vision is making to AIDS orphans in Uganda
  • Breaking down your to do list
  • The impact of completing 3 x 15 min tasks can have on your brain and your feeling of success
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