Become The CEO In Your Business
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Michael Gerber in his book the EMyth introduced the concept of the Technician, The Manager and The Entrepreneur. In this week's episode we discuss adopting a CEO mindset in your business and practical steps you can implement to move your from being the technician on the tools to the CEO growing your business.

What is covered in this episode:

  • The changes you will experience adapting from working for a corporation to being your own boss
  • What exactly is a CEO and what role do they perform 
  • The difference of working inside and outside your business 
  • Why these concepts apply to you whether you are a solo business owner or manage a team 
  • Why the owner of the business and a CEO are two distinct roles 
  • A large business is just a small company that has done the right things 
  • The journey of starting a business and the traps that owners can fall into once you start growing 
  • Why you need to stop and look at what you have built by taking a day out of your business to have a CEO day 
  • During your first CEO day it is important to: 
  • Brainstorm everything out of your mind  
  • Allocating a CEO and time that will spent in that role each week 
  • Identifying who are the owners/shareholders of the business 
  • Identifying the organisational structure required and role descriptions 
  • How to make your CEO day non negotiable
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