The Importance of Great Web Design and How to Get a High Performance Site For Your Business
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Today on the show talk we are joined by Greg Merrilees, founder of Studio 1, a web and design agency specialising in custom-made websites.

What is covered in this episode:
  • The business journey Greg went out from designing a T-Shirt to a fully fledged web and design agency
  • How to reach out to online influencers
  • The importance of offering value upfront
  • How a podcast and some high-end coaching helped Greg to grow his business
  • Why a written blog post is still an effective tool for Google
  • The first thing a new business should do before looking at their branding
  • The importance of an offer that converts
  • The importance of a consistent brand across all your platforms
  • The six stages of persuasion and how to apply that to your online presence
  • Why your copy needs to be about your customer, not you
  • The 5-second rule
  • Design or Copy - which comes first?
  • Why you shouldn’t put your best content on just social media
  • How to get on getting social proof when starting out and the power of your story
  • Why you should begin by starting a conversation with your customers when they are visiting your website
  • Mapping our your sale process
  • Why Greg recommends Shopify for e-commerce businesses and Wordpress for established service businesses
  • The ownership issues with self-hosted website platforms such as Wix
  • What to look for in a business coach
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