The Labor and Delivery Nurse
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Melissa is a labor and delivery nurse who pumped for her son for 16 months and she is about to go into round two with her daughter, who was delivered a week after this episode was recorded. Congratulations!

Melissa talks about the welcoming and supportive environment that comes with her job but also about the challenges. For example, how a shift can either be “feast or famine” meaning, they never know how busy they will be and when she will get a break to pump.  

Her Schedule

Melissa’s schedule required her to work from 7 pm until 7 am. She would pump right before she left the house and then the first possible break she got even if it was not within her pumping schedule. I liked this suggestion as it can be applied to anyone’s busy schedule. Her second pump would be during her “lunch break” somewhere between midnight and 2 am and then one last time before she left between 5 am and 7 am.

Breast pump:

Baby Buddah Pump

Spectra for at home use

For the second round she got the Elvie Pump

The Haakaa

Favorite Resources:

Legendary Milk

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