Returning to work after having a Baby
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Are you ready for your return to work? How was that first day? How do you prepare for it? How do you start your day? Did you have anyone helping you? What do I need to do to be ready to pump at work? All of this and more is what I talk about in this episode with my friend Andy. The return to work is not easy. Think about it; for most of us, we just had our body go through an extreme event aka birth. We are sleep deprived. We are out of practice and lack conditioning in the ability to be mentally on for an 8-hour day – let alone, look presentable and awake during that time. So I asked my friend Andy if she would do a simple episode with me while we are in the thick of it. We recorded this on a Wednesday evening, week 3 back at work, and you can tell how tired we are. If I am being 100% honest, I did have to edit out a lot of “uhms” and breaks as our brains were literally on “loading” mode – even with supportive husbands and the lucky ability to hire a nanny. I don’t know how some other families do it without all that support.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I hope it helps you feel less alone during your first day back at work  when you feel like you just became more stupid and worry if you can handle being a busy mom – you can! It does get better!

The Pumps: Get help getting your pump through insurance with Aeroflow Breastpumps

Spectra S2 – My favorite. It gets the most out. To make it portable, get a battery pack.

Willow Pump – amazing for on the go pump and traveling. But it does not get as much out. Would not use as main pump

Pump In Style® with MaxFlow™ Breast Pump – I have no preference between this one and the Pump in Style. It is good but not better than the spectra. This is also the pump Andy has now and she said she liked it better.

Pump in Style Insurance Breast Pump – Square format made it fit well into pump bag or luggage when traveling. No preference between this one and the Pump in Style with MaxFlow – This is the one Andy said hurt her more when she first pumped for her daughter Laura.

Duo Double Electric Breast Pump – this one is a cheap portable option. I got this solely for that reason so I could review a cheaper portable pump. It Is not as powerful as the spectra but comparable to the Pump in Style. So this is a great option for the on the go pumps.

LaVie Lactation Massager

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