The Primary Care Doctor
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Jill is a primary care doctor and navigated pumping through patient visits and the covid pandemic. Jill started pumping her first week post-partum as she needed to increase her supply and even though she knew “fed is best” and formula was a completely fine option, she wanted to proof to herself that she could do it.

Jill talks about how she fit in her pumping sessions by clearing her schedule from seeing patience during those pumping hours and how Covid turned all that upside down. She speaks about the pressures of breastfeeding and how stressful it was for her to constantly be tethered to a wall as the cordless pumps did not accommodate her flange size.

As a marathon runner, I asked Jill how she fit her two runs a week around her pumping schedule and how she avoided the drop in supply.

She also left us with hope, which was that even though she had low supply in the beginning, she had increased her supply so much that she had a 6-month freezer stash.

Her Schedule:

Jill nursed her daughter once a day before bath time - and whenever she had clogged duct. The other times she tried to stick to the 3-hour pumping schedule, and she would block off those times on her calendar at work so that her office assistant would not schedule patients during those hours. When Covid hit, Jill took patient calls over zoom which allowed her to pump unnoticed while seeing patients.

Her Pump:

Medela Symphony, (This is the one she rented) for a short time the Willow, in the beginning Medela Pump In Style, when had to be more portable Spectra S1

Favorite Resources:

Exclusively Pumping Mums

Exclusively Pumping Mamas

Dr. Milk (only for physicians)

And on Instragram: Exclusive_Pumping

Favorite Product:

Sara Wells Pump Bags:

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