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Are you new here and wondering what this podcast is about? Want to know what inspired me to make this podcast? Then this is a great quick listen and introduction. Show Notes and Transcript: Welcome to the Busy Mom Pumping Podcast. My name is Lene and Let me start off by saying that if you are squeamish about anything including boobs, this podcast is not for you, because we will be talking a lot about them.

Before I start, let me ask you some questions: Are you a mom or about to be a mom, that has the wish to continue breastfeeding after the maternity leave is over but you don’t just quite know how because your google search only gave you a blanket approaches, that would be hard to tailor to your day to day?

Have you communicated to your boss yet that you will need to pump when you return to work? Oh he is male, this might be a bit awkward? Is the only available room a storage closet and your pumping breaks will be frequented by the school genitor who will fall over in shame when he finds you attached to that farming equipment, I mean pumps.

Oh you are saying that you already pumped with your first baby, and the spilled milk at TSA, the embarrassing encounters with the janitor who was not the janitor but a colleague sleeping in the pump room  has left you to just forget about it.

Are you just hear to have a good laugh, to hear from your peers and get some inspiration.  If you are saying a, b, c or all of the above then this is Podcast is for you!


As I have said, my name is Lene – and I was a Busy Mom Pumping with my daughter Lotti,

Who, at the beginning of my journey, was more like a soulless gremlin from another galaxy.

I did this craziness for a year and, yay me, I am about to get to do it all over again.

For me, my pumping journey was one that was very lonely

(cause really, …… who wants to have an audience)

It was a journey filled with a bunch of questions….., challenges and amazingly,…. a community of friends helping me along the way.


Now, Let me quickly back up here;

I grew up in the southern parts of Germany in a very rural area and our school fields trips included visits to local farms

There we learned all about how chickens laid eggs and milk was … lets say.. “harvested”.

(no there was no sweet famers wife gently massaging milk out of a cows udder)

… You know where I am going with this…

Let’s just say….. the first time I attached those pumps…… I was immediately catapulted back to those field trips – sharing a deep compassion and companionship with these peacefully mooing, ….. grass chewing mama cows. And still no gentle massaging hands in sight.


But Companionship.

That is what I was really missing.

And it was quite depressing that the only… beings I felt connected to in that moment were a bunch of mammals chewing away on their grass stems in some stall back in Germany.

So when someone suggested I join a Moms group for a hefty $350 for 6 weeks I was more than happy to hand over my wallet and join these wonderful strangers.

You know…. discuss things like broken vaginas, hurting c-sections, cracked nipples, or anything that would have been depicted in the Frida Mom’s Super bowl commercial that was rejected from the big line up. And you know what, the talking helped!

But when it came to the return to work and how to fit pumping into our busy lives, we were still a bit helpless. The internet did not give us much either because a lot of the suggestions were blanket approaches and did not address the vast variety of schedules/challenges that different professions bring with them.

This lack of information is what led me to start this podcast. I wanted to find different Moms in different versions of Busy sharing their stories, challenges and words of wisdom. And I hope that they become an inspiration to you. That their stories give you some comfort either while you are planning your return to your busy life or actively in it, pumping in some tucked away location.

Also, this is a judgement free zone:

This podcast is not here to say that breastfeeding is the best and only way to feed your child. That literally is everyone’s own prerogative. As a mom, your only job is to feed your baby, if that is breastmilk, formula or you skip straight to that hot coco with marshmallows, that is your choice.

Through my talks with different moms, I have learned that the choice to breastfeed is not that simple, there are so many different factors that play into this journey and often the biggest challenge is the return to work. I therefore want to acknowledge that we will not have all the answers, but I hope that we at least have some.

Lastly, my disclaimer:

As the title says, this podcast is produced by Busy Moms, and editing a podcast takes a lot of time (geez who would have thought) So while we try our best that the content is valuable, I cannot promise that the quality is on a 5 Star Winning level (I am not looking to win the Oscar of Podcast)

With that I also want to point out that my own personal schedule would not allow for me to post a new episode each week. I therefore decided to treat this like a Netflix Show where I will record 5 – 7 interviews at a time and post them all at once. This allows for more flexibility in my and my guests’ schedule. Hey, a tip for you too. Did you know you can listen to your pod cast spead up? I know you are also busy and if you want to cut down on the length o the episode, feel free to spead us up 😊

As a reference for you to follow up on each episode, please check out my show notes at

So I hope you laugh with us and cry with us. That you find your own way through this journey with our tips and tricks and that you do not loose your beautiful self in this pumping journey that often seemed to me like my sole purpose was to produce milk so my child could thrive and survive.

I will therefore  leave you with a fun fact an that is that, cows pump around 8 gallons of milk a day, this comparison is just simply not fair to us and hence, not even worth to be entertained.


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