How to be an advocate for re-integrating mothers into the work place
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This is Part 2 of my discussion with Liat who pumped while traveling to developing countries and conflict zones. In this part, we focus a bit more on the challenges women face when re-integrating into the workforce after having a baby. We talk about how HR departments and leaders of organizations as well as our male coworkers and peers can become advocates for helping mothers reacclimate. Remember, these women are your wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, or other people you care about. I firmly believe that organizations are successful when men and women are equally represented and in all levels of the organization as they provide different strengths and opinions. We cannot just leave women behind by default, because they are by nature the child bearers and natural care takers. They bear the brunt of ensuring a future for our communities and it should not come at the cost of their own passions, dreams, careers or in some cases, the basic need to make a living and provide for their families. Listen to this episode to become an advocate or simply find out how you as a mother can approach your leaders and HR departments.

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