019. Which Metrics Matter Most in Your Business with Nicole Boucher
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Sometimes running a business can feel a little bit like a guessing game. What’s working? What’s broken? What is most important to fix NOW? What can wait until later?

Most direct sellers and network marketers don’t have a formal degree in business… most likely you started your business for a love of people, not a passion for metrics. As a result, things like tracking metrics seem very overwhelming. It definitely did for me, especially when I first started Anchor Design Co.!

But the truth is, you can’t just rely on your gut when it comes to making business decisions. Sometimes you need the numbers to back it up or guide you when you have no idea where to start!

On today’s episode, I chat with Nicole Boucher, Operations and Business Manager as well as one half of Pixie Dust and Profits, a podcast that takes case studies from Disney and applies them to small business. Nicole is an expert at all things on the numbers side of business, and she joined me to talk more about where people can get started with tracking metrics.

At the end of this episode, you’ll walk away feeling more at peace with metrics. Once you see that numbers don’t have to be scary, you’ll be able to identify some of the metrics you can start tracking today so you have the data you need to make important decisions about the future of your business!

✅ By the end of this episode, you'll learn:

  • What a metric is and how it helps you understand where your business is now and where it’s moving toward
  • How to complete the 5 Whys exercise to get a handle on your business expenses
  • Why it’s important to start tracking your numbers, even if they are zero
  • How long you should be tracking metrics before you have enough data to influence your decisions
  • Which metrics people often forget to track (that are more important than you think!)
  • The two most important elements of setting realistic goals that make sense for your business
  • Four things that every small business owner should start tracking today


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