EP 71: Deep Wealth
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Guest Jeffrey Feldberg discusses how to increase the value of your business by preparing it for a liquidity event.

Show highlights include:

  • The shocking reason why up to 90% of liquidity events fail (3:17) 
  • Why you’re leaving 50-100% of the value in your company on the table when you sell it (and how to get paid your company’s true value) (4:09) 
  • The “Paying It Forward” mindset you must embody today if you want to sell your business for 9 figures someday (5:45) 
  • The insidious way entrepreneurs get taken advantage of during liquidy events (7:31) 
  • Why less than 1% of of custom home builders and remodelers successfully sell their business (and how to be one of the few who does) (13:18) 
  • How the 2020 ciris created the perfect storm to sell your business for a fat chunk of change (18:01) 
  • Why selling your business like a realtor sells your home helps you get top dollar for it (23:54) 
  • The “9-Step Roadmap” for growth and liquidity which helps your business bring in boatloads of cash without your involvement (25:20) 
  • The single most important “X Factor” which multiplies the total value of your company (25:49) 
  • Why preparing to sell your business even if you never want to sell makes you more profitable and have more fun (40:55) 

If you’d like to book a free strategy call with Jeffrey, email him at jeffrey@deepwealth.com or visit his site at https://deepwealth.com.

To get the most out of this podcast, or connect with Duane and Dave, head over to https://buildernuggets.com and join our active community of like-minded builders and remodelers.

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