#92 The Upside of Stress with Ben Curtis
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This week’s guest is Ben Curtis – an internationally recognized actor, musician, public speaker, mental health advocate, and life coach. But you’ll probs recognize him from the infamous: “Dude, you’re getting a Dell!” commercials.

Nowadays Ben’s mantra is Dude, You’re Getting Well! (also the name of his podcast).

As a creative person, I know you put yourself out there ALL THE TIME which means you face high-highs & low-lows AKA abundance & rejection are part of the deal.

So I invited Ben to drop by the show to share his tools for self-care, compassion, and healing… or as he describes it: The Upside of Stress! 

And let me tell you, the dude did not disappoint:

  • Unlock stress’s positive side effects to stay in the game
  • Normalize stress → it’s an integral part of creativity
  • Train your mind to reframe stress – this way you won’t hide under the covers when things get tuff 

This episode gives you real tools to navigate the *potentially* stressful holiday season plus this way you can look Aunt Janet in the eye when she asks you: How’s that artistic-life thing going?

And... Ben totally had me break character; he turned the tables and got me to talk about my own personal flavor of stress… And I’m pretty sure you’ll see yourself in this story!

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Brian Breaks Character!


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