Breaking Trail
Balakhilya and Ruben
No filter, no hidden agenda, just the truth about life - as it is. Breaking Trail is where you, the sincere seeker, can get answers to to life’s most important questions, such as “Who am I?”, “What is the purpose of my life?” and “Does God really exist?”. Our discussions are based on the ancient spiritual teachings of the East, carefully passed down since time immemorial from teacher to student in an unchanged form. Your hosts are Balakhilya, world-renowned lecturer and yogi, together with Ruben, a yoga meditation teacher living in northern Norway. Balakhilya has been living and teaching a Bhakti yoga lifestyle for over 50 years - inspiring people all over the world through his down-to-earth approach to and uncensored sharing of universal spiritual truths. Truths that apply whether you consider yourself a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, yogi, agnostic or atheist. Through their conversations you’ll be inspired to also break trail - to go where you perhaps haven’t gone before, and to embark on an exciting journey to self-discovery. Here’s where no questions are too big. And no doubts are left unattended. Link tree:
Breaking Trail
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