Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
Mar 20, 2022
#39: Shelter in the Eye of the Storm
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The storms of this material world comes in many forms; war, conflict, being hurt by someone we love, feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and so on. We try to find comfort and shelter in friends, family, career, prestige, or even in drugs and alcohol. But as hard as we try, the shelter we strive for always seems to slip through our fingers.

Nothing lasts in this world. So how can I safely rest not only my body, but my mind and heart too? How do I find shelter in the eye of the storm?


  • (4:02) There will always be storms in the material world, because that’s how the material world is designed; we need spiritual protection
  • (14:17) We’ve gone away from what really is necessary in life, and replaced it with all this artificial stuff. What if you knew that in 7 days, the world was going to end?
  • (22:28) Love is the one thing that we fear the most. But love is also the one thing that can remove all fear. Why is that?
  • (33:03) We need to take responsibility for our own suffering, and seek out an eternal love protection, an eternal eye of the storm
  • (40:24) Reading from “Gems of Wisdom”: suffering in this world is natural for the spirit soul. Just as us It is natural for fish to be suffering and unhappy when he's not in the water. What's unnatural is not the suffering but the spirit souls being here in the material world.

Recorded on March 14, 2022. Read episode transcript on

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